Anyone heard about this Erica Lynn Parsons case?

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    This is a wild story. It has been on Dr. Phil yesterday and today. I could hardly believe it when I realized this is the Amber Alert that has been crossing my TV screen daily since the beginning of October. This child was living only maybe 2 hours from me! Actually very close to another member.

    Oh my gosh...they just reported that the parents have been receiving adoption assistance from the state including Medicaid since this child disappeared supposedly when her adoptive mother gave her to "Nan" at a McDonalds in Mooresville. Unbelievable. Their oldest son called the police on 7/30/13 and reported the parents had killed the little girl and buried her in their backyard. The so called parents say the reason he did that was he doesnt like them because the mother called the cops on him. She didnt say why. This couple also had a houseful of other adoptive kids. They have all been taken into state care.

    Everyone please google this childs name and look at her picture in case she is near you or goes to your child's school. She is 15 now. I pray she is alive but Im not really hopeful.