Anyone in the horse business or in the know?


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I know there are a few members on here who own horses, I'm wondering if any of you are in the business or have experience (mainly hunter) that could give husband and I an opinion.

We are looking at purchasing easy child a pony but we have limited experience. We do have a trainer however at this point we are unsure that our best interests are at heart as it is a friends of theirs pony.

I have a video of the pony that I could send and am just looking for opinions on whether or not this pony is competitive enough as we are being told currently that he is amazing!

Hope this is ok to ask on the board, I'm not really sure.


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Hi Christine, I can hook you up with a person that picks her horses quite well, Spoke to her a lil bit ago and told her that I would pass on her e-mail to ya so you can get her insight. I'll PM you her e-mail.....