Anyone know where to stay in the fla panhandle wit


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with dogs? I am trying for a three day trip to the panhandle (ft. walton,destin,panama city, or even gulf shores)

I have all my four legged kids taken care of but my daughter's pom and my little girl have to go with us.

I have hit dead ends searching for a place that will accept pets at the beach

Anyone know of a place?
Have a wonderful time, hearthope!

We just got back from a little further down that same coast.

Next year, we are going to stay South a little longer. If our times coincide, maybe we can do lunch with some of the others of us who are down there.


Barbara :smile:


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So, your a snowbird? I guess I thought you lived down here and you were visting up north.

I would love to meet you and the others!

I am learning how important a get-a-way is, not all difficult child's fault, but it has been 4 yrs since we had a real vacation.