Anyone taking topamax?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jody, Jul 30, 2010.

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    I went to see the neurologist today and he prescribed Topamax for my headaches. I always have one 24/7 but have just been living with it. I have been having bad migraines for the last few months, but he said this would prevent headaches. I have go to say that I took this medicine at 8:30 am and for the first time in months, I do not even have a low grade headache. He also told me it would help a little with weight loss. Does anyone else take this and how did it work for you? He tested my right occiptal nerve in the back of my neck with a needle and boy did I want to kick him. He offered a cortisone shot or the pills, I went with the pills. lol.
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    My daughter is currently taking it also for migraines. It has helped a lot. She was having a headache everyday and a migraine a few times a week---she is now having migraines now only when she is getting ready to start her period. She has lost a lot of weight since she started taking the medication.
  3. Jody

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    I sure hope it helps me lose weight, but not having this bad headache is really nice.
  4. totoro

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    I have been taking it for let's see.... about 6 years now! I take it for Migraines and Mood Stability. :) so I get a bonus out of it. LOL

    Of course you get the "DopaMax" issues in the beginning, some cognitive dulling and memory issues, mostly short term and loss of a word here and there... Huh, what was I going to say????
    It does go away. The weight loss is great. I think I lost 15 pounds, but it was in conjunction with having N, so I don't know if it was all of the Topamax?
    But it does help balance my metabolism I think.
    I was having a 15 day severe migraine and my Neurologist in Chicago knocked it out with many, many, many medications and then started me on Topamax. I will still get one once in awhile but I don't even take anything for them except an Ibuprofin and lay down for a bit. They honestly do not last more than a few hours at the most.
    I am talking like one every couple months.
    The Mood Stability is great as well.

    The only drawback is if you like to drink it can make you deathly sick. You likely do not drink or drink very little... I am assuming. LOL
    I will drink a glass of wine and that is about it. I love good wine so I will take about (seriously) 1-2 hours and sip a glass....

    One other thing for me, when I was on too high of a dose it messed with my vision- I saw tracers and had blurry vision especially in the a.m. I can't remember what other medications I was on at the time, but it was the Topamax doing it.
    I walked into a wall one morning when I had to get up too fast! LOL

    Once I lowered the dose it was better. My vision is still a bit froggy in the a.m. but I think my other medications help mess it up as well. Good luck I hope it works!!!
  5. totoro

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    400mg was too high for me and 200mg seems to be my sweet spot... I know others have different levels they like. Oh and titrate slow... as you likely know.
  6. Star*

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    I've had severe migraines for more than 7 years. I also had morbid obesity and did a lifestyle change this last year and have lost over 130 lbs. I had been on Topamax BEFORE I lost weight and it did not help me loose weight so I give credit to the lifestyle change. However - I can say that it does curb your appetite to some degree. I am also on Welbutrin and the combination of the two medications really do help with appetite supressant.

    As far as getting it or not getting it? Night and Day. Without it? My head feels like it will literally split open. I can't function. I've tried every single migraine medicine there is, Imitrex nearly killed me and Frova put me in the hospital for three days. I did migraine diaries to find my triggers. My greatest pleasure (much to Witz chagrin) is overcast and rainy days on end. Sunshiney days after days give me the worst headaches. Like now? I'm in my fifth day (even medicated) of migraine - and nothing to do. Throw up, back my head in ice and go on. When I had meningitis a month ago - it was a little hard to tell because my migraines are so severe - wasn't sure what was migraine and what was the other.

    My biggest triggers FOR causing migraines are the weather, that time of the month hormone fluxes, consistant sunny days, (yeah I know whoda thunk - little miss sunshine but it has to do with the barometric pressure), and sensitivity issues ie: strong smells at certain times - noises, hard to say - I really don't have a food, but changes in light quickly without warning can trigger it.

    Topamax is supposed to be trying to help me with their patient assistant program since I got laid off. Fingers crossed. I can't take the generic - and I've been having to buy the generic out of pocket just to try to keep something in my head. it doesn't work =the one that did is out of canada - and has been baned from sales in the US. (GRRRRRREAT) So I have to take the brand. So since about April? I've had low to mid level migraines every day. I can't wait to see if they approve me. I was taking a ridiculous amount and they've cut me back to 500 a day. Morning and night. With it? I am that happiest little bird....and without it? I'm still happy but my head hurts so badly it's hard to keep happy. My brains feel like they're on fire.

    Guess that about sums it up - but if you want to loose weight? And since you're getting this? I'll be glad to tell you how I lost the weight I did - I was 298 lbs last year in size 22-24 and now I'm around 170 and in a 7-8...9-10....just tried on Aeropostle corduroys and they were 7-8 so must be doing something right. That was in september I started doing this way of life style change. It's not that hard either. Three simple rules. That's it - no exercising = just have to be dedicated.

    Hope you are feeling better.
  7. flutterby

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    I'm taking topamax, but not for headaches. Although, now that I think about it, I haven't had any intense headaches since I've been on it.

    I tend to get the strange side effects (read: in the less than 1% incidence group), so I'm having pretty intense breast pain. The upside? I've gone up about a cup size. I was not well endowed to begin with. The down side? I'm taking it for chronic pain. haha The irony.