Anyone watch "Prayers for Bobby"?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by bran155, Jan 24, 2009.

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    The lifetime movie about a young man who committed suicide because he was gay and couldn't gain acceptance. It was pretty good. Had me crying. It is a true story. A sad story. His parents were so incredibly religious, they just could not accept him for who he was. They tried everything, well really the mother, to change him, "fix" him. He tried to make his mother hear him, really listen to him but she could not see past the Bible. He finally jumped off an overpass into on coming traffic and died instantly. His mother desperately tried to find peace after he passed. She came around and began to fight for the rights of gay and lesbian people. You can read an interview with the real mom on the lifetime website. The story is heartwarming and I think, important.

    It's so sad that there are so many "Bobbys" of the world, trying to find acceptance and love only to end up desperate and feeling out of options. :(
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    I didn't see this, I wish I had. Moonwolf would have been very interested in seeing this also. I'm not sure how many here on the board have realized that my Moonwolf is gay, and Mo is her partner. I love them both as if they were my biological kids. I'm glad that my biological kids are growing up with a gay sibling, to learn the acceptance they need in life. :)

    How are you doing??? I think about you often

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    It sounds like a real tear jerker. The Bobbys of the word have a lot to teach us.

    Janis, your kids are fortunate to have a mom like you to love them unconditionally.

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    I am doing fine thanks for asking. Still waiting to see what is going to happen with the court system. But hanging in there.

    I second what ML said, your children are so lucky to have you!!! I just could never understand people who would alienate their children and not allow them to be free and who they really are!!! Society makes their lives hard enough, they should not have to deal with that ignorance within their own family. Bobby's story is only one of so many that end in tragedy. The more stories that are told, the more we can spread tolerance and acceptance through out. It's unfortunate that so many of our young people have lost their lives to the ignorance and bigotry of others. We have come a long way, however we have so much further to go. There should never be another Bobby!!!!

    You are a wonderful mother. We all should love our children the way you do, unconditionally!!! You are an inspiration.

    Shawna :)
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    You and ML's posts made me cry. D*mn pregnancy hormones anyway LOL

    I guess I never thought about it. When I made the decision to adopt Moonwolf her sexual preferences never were an issue. When she was just our babysitter, I knew that she was a lesbian. She knew that Mo was welcome in our home, just as she was. When gay marriage was legalized in CA, Mike and I were going to buy plane tickets for the girls to go get married if that is what they wanted. They decided they weren't ready. Don't get me wrong, there is a part of me that wishes the girls were straight. But not because it bothers me, but because I know that their lives will be harder because they are gay. Moonwolf's biological family all knows that she is gay. Only a select few of Mo's family knows, because it is unacceptable to them. I am the kind of parent that will stand up for them, to anyone. I once spent an hour on the phone with Moonwolf's bio grandmother who told her she was going to burn in hell. (Not only is she gay, but Wiccan on top of it, which is a ticket straight to hell in bio GM's eyes) I was so ANGRY! By the end of the conversation the grandmother told me to tell Moonwolf that she loved her no matter what, which is all I wanted. I have also said things to people out in public who make comments about the girls holding hands. It really upsets me.

    Shawn, you saying I'm an inspiration really touched me. You are my inspiration, everything you have been through and you still try to stay so positive and help others! Thanks so much though, it meant alot to me after the mess with the kids dad.... and finding difficult child D's new blog talking about what a horrid parent I am.

    hugs to you both
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    Thank you so much for saying that. You made my day!!! I am so used to being the needy one, always falling apart. I never thought of myself as a help to someone else. I don't know how I have detached the way I have. Truly, I don't have the answer. I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. Just 3-4 months ago I was a total mess!!! I hope I can stay this strong when my daughter is released from jail. I am going to try hard not to become suffocated by her life again. It's a daily struggle. :)
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    I really wish I could have seen it...I'm going to keep my eyes open for the movie....Thanks mom for always sticking up for me...sometimes I too wish that I wasn't gay...because it is very hard to be who I am. It's pretty sad when I tell pretty much no one who I am...because of being afraid of what will happen. I'm tired of living a lie...

    I'm a bi-sexual wiccan...and proud to be one....

    Thanks mom for letting me be who I am...
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    well when i read this i had to shake my head. My cousin, through marriage my step father's nephew was confused about his gender, he was experiencing both male and female emotions. he was the most beautiful little boy when he was small. we'd spend holidays and he'd sit on my lap and smile this huge smile at 4.

    well, my aunt and uncle did all they could they were even sending him to another country to have the operation because he decided he wanted to be a woman. he never made it though, he jumped off a bridge at an overpass.

    there are alot of hurt kids out there, that are also so confused. i'm glad i got a heads up on this one, thanks bran i soooo dont' wanna watch it. :)
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    Oh Jennifer, I am so sorry!!! Ironically that is exactly how "Bobby" killed himself. :(


    You have me in tears girl!!! On behalf of our society please allow me to apologize for all of the ignorance and bigotry you must experience daily. I am so sorry. You should be able to be comfortable in your own skin no matter where you are or who you are with. Keep your head up and walk proud as you matter just as much as the next guy!!! Your mom is just as lucky to have you as you are to have her!!! You both are special ladies!! :)

    There is another movie on the Lifetime network that deals with this as well. It is a true story about a boy who has gender identity disorder. He was born in the wrong body. He struggles to be who he really is. His poor mother just loved him so much. The mom is played by Mercedes Raul (SP?). It is a really good movie and a very important story. It is very similar to "Boys Don't Cry". She is found out and beat to death as well. It was on yesterday. If you get a chance to see it, watch it. But have tissues near by!!! An absolute tear jerker. It is called something like: "The Gwen Aroyo Story", I think that's the last name, not 100% sure though.
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    bran155: I haven't seen THAT movie. And my cousin was gay. When the hiv/aids situation was taking so many I was so concerned for him. I made attempts to get his phone number from my family and not one person would offer it. Then he was hospitalized. my family said not to bother him. And I said "just tell me the name of the hospital." When I got his room my aunt attempted to interfere saying "he needs to rest"...but he asked who it was...he took my call. And many calls after that as well. Although we hadn't spoken to each other for many years it was as if we had never stopped. When we were little we played together many times and he was such a creative playmate. As an adult he had done all sorts of amazing things with his many talents.
    He died within months of diagnosis. When I wanted to send a card to his love who had lost him, and likely sick as well again my family discouraged any contact.
    I felt then that it is this shunning that made the atmosphere of casual sex and
    secretcy that fueled the epidemic into the leathal form that we witnessed in those years.
    I am also supportive of the marrage between same sex partners who deserve the ligitemacy of their human love and devotion. I feel that for maturity that adults do need to commit themselves to one another to find the fullness within the lessons of life.
    The era of raising large families and armies and acquiring wealth and houses and wells by invasions is one lesson that human beings need not repeat.
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    I am so sorry about your cousin. It was good that you were persistent in speaking with him. You got to re-connect with him before he passed.

    I too am in support of gay marriage. I don't see the big deal. These politicians are ridiculous!!!

    Has anyone seen Rosie's family cruise on HBO? So heartwarming. Nothing but loving families of all kinds. One of the best documentaries I have ever seen!!

    As you all can see, I watch a lot of t.v.!!! I really do need to get a life!! LOL :)