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  1. Hound dog

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    *banging my head on the desk*

    I'm at my wits end. I swear. Mr Rowdy has decided to be a major PITA. It is not helpful that so have the other males in my life. (is this a male thing?)

    I wake up this morning to find Rowdy yet again. Yesterday husband and I had gone after his straw and fixed up his kennel nice and warm. But husband didn't put up the tarps. I put Rowdy in his kennel. He did fine over night.

    So since he'd gotten out and it was ok outside I let hims stay on his lead in the yard. But then a little while ago it starts sleeting here. Now I couldn't just leave him there with no shelter. So I decided to try moving him back into the kennel. And he stayed put.

    Until I took Molly out. Now Molly wasn't out but maybe 5 mins tops. I go to let her in and Rowdy is standing there at the gate with Molly grinning at me. So I put him into the kennel agian. This was so I could get Molly inside and hopefully catch him as he's escaping. (less than 30 secs)

    Ha! I turned around and he was standing at the gate laughing at me! Darn dog. :mad: He has to be jumping it regardless of his age.

    He's currently sitting again in Betsy's crate. (and seems very pleased with himself) sigh What am I gonna do with him? And the males in my life seem to think throwing tarps over a dog kennel is worse than getting teeth pulled or something. I can't do it because I'm simply too short, same for Nichole. grrrrr

    Yup. *banging my head on the desk*
  2. meowbunny

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    Grab the tarps and throw them over the other men in your life? Seems fair.

    Hope you find Rowdy's escape path. Hey, at least he's smart enough to be pleased with his shenanigans.
  3. flutterbee

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    I still go with putting husband on the chain so he can see how much he likes it. And then throw the tarps over him.

    And Rowdy. He's just being ornery. Gotta love him, though.