Article for those who's difficult child's have brain injury

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    I found part of this article really hit the nail on the head regarding difficult child's behavior. I'm going to be printing off copies to hand to all difficult child's therapists and dr.'s. Will probably give a copy to the in home supports when we have our last meeting. This part really fits but doesn't just pertain to friends/family in our case:

    People who are somewhat distanced from the person with the injury often have little understanding of what they are going through. The person with the injury may be able to act ‘normally’ for short periods in front of visitors or publicly, so that many won’t believe the difficult home situation as described by the family. Rather than offer support, friends or members of the extended family may make judgements about how a person cares for their relative.
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    Tammy, you have hit the nail on the head. People do not understand as the brain injured present as normal very often. I'm trying to get disability for easy child/difficult child and it appears that it is going to be more difficult that I anticipated. Thanks for sharing. DDD
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    Thanks for pointing me to this website. It's been a year and a half since difficult child's surgery and I'm only just beginning to look for help/answers for his behavior.

    I wonder if there are any websites devoted to conduct disorders resulting from brain surgery. Because I'm wondering if medication is even going to help his behavior, since it's a result of losing a piece of brain, rather than a chemical imbalance (although I might be wrong).
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    I have a bunch of websites stored. Let me know if you want me to share. DDD
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    Are there a lot of families here with brain injury/surgery issues? Pardon me for asking, but if there are, would it be possible to add another forum for this population?
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    Thanks for sharing this!
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    That article hit it right on the mark. Issues I've been dealing with for 22 yrs almost. And now again that I've also had a brain injury a few years back.

    Mine made even myself see Travis in a whole new way. Not that I didn't understand the aspects of the brain damage, his dxes and such before. But I dunno. I mean, for almost 2 yrs after the accident I wasn't the "same" person I was before. Congnitive issues, memory issues, emotionally I had trouble connecting for a while, and even just ordinary day to day stuff would just whiz right over my head. easy child comments alot on it now, but at the time she didn't know what it was, just knew something wasn't right with Mom.

    Heck, 5 yrs after the accident and often some things just whiz over my head. I still have days when memory is a major problem, or comprehension is a challenge. Yet other days I seem to be myself again and like the injury never happened.

    Even after living with Travis their whole lives, I often have to remind immediate family members of things he just isn't capable of doing or doing well.

    DDD this is the biggest reason I've been dragging my feet on attempting disability for Travis. He needs it, has the dxes to get it. But can present himself for short periods as fairly "normal" especially to an untrained eye. I'll keep fingers crossed and say a prayer it comes thru for you.