Article on Developmental Trauma


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It is unfortunate that we must have such a category. I'm sure the label and situation will become very common as the research continues.

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Sounds very familiar. I'm going to pass this along to psychiatrist, therapist & others working with the tweedles.

Thanks for this. :flower:


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Wow. Stomach churning.

I like this part:

"...establishing the child's capacity to regulate his or her internal states of arousal, learning to negotiate safe interpersonal attachments, and integration and mastery of the body and mind.

"Mastery is most of all a physical experience," he wrote, "the feeling of being in charge, calm, and able to engage in focused efforts to accomplish goals. Children who have been traumatized experience the trauma-related hyperarousal and numbing on a deeply somatic level. Their hyperarousal is apparent in their inability to relax and in their high degree of irritability."


It has a way too familiar ring....

On one of the papers I read where it's more complex than PTSD.

There are some great links for more reading at the bottom of the page you posted.

Thanks wyntersgrace2.

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Having survived abuse, I know much of my behavior/attitude stems from that abuse and the way it taught me to view people and the world as a whole.

Even after therapy, maturity, and healing there are times when I have to stop and say to myself that the way I'm thinking/reacting is coming from that place, not really from what I'm experiencing now. (it's hard to put into words)

I'm glad they're finally going to start addressing this. It's a shame they have to.