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    What would warrent a call to crisis services?? difficult child is threatening her siblings (pulling her finger across her throat, punching her hand then pointing at them), making threatening comments towards me (told the principal at her school when she asked if the kids broke me since I have a broken foot right now, that she wishes she had done it) she is very oppositional right now and everything is met with "no" or "how are you gonna make me". She has repeatedly ran through the house screaming and yelling about how much her life sucks and how much she hates us all!! I am at my breaking point and would love a resource where she can get help and I can get a break!!!
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    Have you called the psychiatrist with an update on this latest behavior binge? Perhaps there's something they can do...
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    Not yet!! I will have to do that tomorrow!!
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    I think you're right on the line, in my humble opinion. Violence & intimidation, especially toward younger siblings, must be addressed immediately. I'd call the psychiatrist tonight if it's happening now or tomorrow morning if all is calm right now.
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    Oops this started as a double post!!

    But anyways things are calm for now. She took her evening medications of depakote and banadryl so hopefully she will be asleep soon (although not before losing her lightbulbs for refusal to turn off her lights). I am so not looking forward to a rainy, cold, cooped up inside cuz mom can't get around very well, spring break next week.
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    I tried to edit the double post but for whatever reason I can't edit posts on my phone!!

    Things are calm now. She is in bed and hopefully her benedryl will work quick and shell be asleep soon. I love this time of night!! I am not looking forward to spring break next week however!!
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    My difficult child used to threaten her family all the time. I handled it by going to the psychiatrist and therapist or social worker or school counselor...

    In hindsight, I wish I had also made a report to the police. Each and every time. If I had done that, today there would be more of a record of difficult child's issues and we might have been in a better position to get more help now that she is a teenager. Instead, the psychiatrists and tdocs continue to give her a "talking to" about how this behavior is not OK....and that's about it.

    Threatening people is against the law. My advice would be to start a paper trail with your local police. You may need it later.
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    I've had crisis team out many many many times ~ many times. Saying that when a situation escalated with either kt or wm to the point of physical aggression, verbal threats & such was the time I'd call crisis. If the team could not come out immediately & it was to the point where someone was in danger we were advised to call 911 for transport to ER.

    Only YOU know when the time is right to call the crisis line. You will know the breaking point for you & your family. My line in the sand was verbal abuse/aggression or physical abuse/aggression. My twins knew that line & stepped over it frequently.