Attempted Suicide/baby update/ etc


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Well if I have had a more stressful week before I cant remember when and I dont want to repeat it!

We left on friday morning to go up to see Jamies baby being born. The welcoming party was me, husband, Cory and Keyana. We stopped by my dads house on the way so he could meet Keyana for the first time and that was a huge success. She took her very first steps for her great grandpa!

We got up to Jamies place and left Cory and Keyana at his apartment and husband and I went to the hospital to visit with Jamie and Billie. She was already there being induced. Well, they were putting some kind of stuff in her cervix to soften it up and were inducing her at like 4 am in the morning. We got there at 6 that evening. We spent about 2 hours at the hospital with them just chatting and catching up. Then we came home to Jamies so we could sleep and go back to the hospital on saturday for the Big Event!

Well the Big Event turned into a circus. They induced her and nothing happened. She wouldnt dilate and she had more friends and family in her room than people at a blue light sale at Kmart. When she wasnt dilating by 1 pm, we took Keyana and went back to the apartment and kept calling to check on conditions.

At one point, there were 19 people in her room after we left!

On sunday morning Jamie called me and told me to come up there with his dad and her mom but that was the only people they wanted up there. Immediate family only! In other words, if you didnt bring either Jamie or Billie into this world you didnt need to be in that labor room! I passed that message around but evidently these people are stupid!!!! They didnt get the message and another 100 or so people came. Billie still didnt dilate all day sunday and the idiots in the room were becoming hostile to each other. By mid afternoon tempers were flaring. One lil (bad word) told me to get my rump out of the rocking chair and I lost it! I told Jamie I was leaving and they could call me when the kid graduated from high school! I had been walking that stupid hospital for 2 and a half days, hadnt slept in 2 nights and I was beat! I walked outside and just sat down for about 2 hours. When I went back inside they told us that they were going to take the baby c-section.

They did that at 7 and the baby was born at 7:45. She weighed 7 pounds and 15 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. She looks just like Jamie. We think she is going to have brown hair but it may be too soon to tell. She is adorable.

We only got to see her through the glass on sunday so we hung around the apartment on sunday night and got up monday morning to pack up and run by the hospital to see the new family before we came home.

I got an adorable picture of Jamie holding Hailie and Cory holding Keyana together. Keyana was so jealous of the new baby! It was like she just knew the minute we walked into that room what was up. She saw Billie holding that new baby and she went to screaming. Her auntie Billie had a new baby and she was mad! Then when we wanted to hold the baby she threw a fit. Whoever held the baby was who she wanted to hold It was downright funny.

Jamie and Billie kept telling her they still loved She was having none of it though...there was an alien in that room.

Then we get on the road home. My oldest son, Billy, calls us. My AC unit had malfunctioned over the weekend. I told him to call the repair guys and have the come out and tell them that by the time they got there we would be home. Ok...that is a problem I could deal with...maybe. Worse comes to worse...I could read them my credit card info over the phone. We did get home before they got there. I got home and it was hot as blue blazes and they hadnt shown up and werent sure when they would get there. I was stressed to the hilt, there were hornets coming in my house...I went and got a motel room.

Repair guys showed up not long after I got the room but I said...oh well...Im staying anyway. I needed to relax.

Jamie calls me to report that he went home to change clothes and get the birthday present I had left for him at his apartment. I got him a gps system for his birthday. His in laws were complaining that I left 3 used diapers in his house when we left that morning and "how did I (me, janet) think I could come back to help billie take care of a newborn baby if I couldnt even manage to throw away a few diapers". Now number one, I dont even remember leaving any diapers and number 2, I wasnt the only one taking care of keyana in that house. Cory took care of her, husband took care of her and when we were packing up the house and cleaning up before we left, Billies older brother told us not to worry about cleaning up the apartment because he would clean up so we could get on the road. I did walk through and straighten up as best I could but I didnt go through with a fine tooth comb.

I am not Martha stewart. I never claimed to be. I am disabled. Why is it assumed that I as the woman would be the one that should be responsible for leaving the mess?

Then when I was on my way home this morning from staying at the motel room I get a phone call from my oldest son billy to find out that Corys babies momma came over here this morning in a tizzy over something and told him that he would never see Keyana again and so Cory grabbed a bottle of my trazadone and tried to swallow the entire bottle! I had approximately 45 pills in it. Billy managed to get 20 of the pills away from him but he chewed up 10 or so of them and swallowed them. He did vomit a little bit but when I got home I called 911 and had him taken to the ER.

So now he is in the trauma unit at the ER waiting to be admitted to first the medication floor and then a psychiatric unit.

Aint life grand? !!!!!


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First off, congratulations on the new granddaughter. Make sure Billie knows all good things are worth waiting for, lol!
As for Cory, I'm so sorry that he became so desperate as to make a suicide attempt. I hope he will receive the help he needs to move forward. {{{Hugs}}}


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Oh my gosh, Janet!! What a totally up and down couple of days you have had.

Congrats on the new baby - Keyana knowing the score immediately is cute - she'll find out she still has a special place in everyone's hearts.

Second, I am so sorry that Cory did what he did. Thank God he wasn't able to take all of the medications - and he got to the ER in time. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers that he gets the help he needs to overcome this.

Hugs to you - for the new baby and for Cory.

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Oh my! Congrats on the new grandbaby! I'm sorry to hear about Cory. Saying a prayer for Cory tonight.
Congrats on your new grandbaby! Poor Billie, she must be exhausted. Don't even let what Jamie's inlaws said bug you; let it roll right off. It was a tough couple days for everyone, and after all, they ARE in-laws. Cut them some slack. Keyana is like most kids, great intuition. She'll come around.

Prayers for Cory. Thank God Billy was there. Hugs to you, you had a very tough few days.

But most of all, congrats on that baby!!


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I'm so sorry about Cory's suicide attempt. Not a good way to handle stress.
It's unfortunate that the joy of a baby is marred by family discord.
Take care of yourself. I hope Jamie stops the theatrics with his in law family.


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Oh Janet! I'm so sorry for Cory's recent suicide attempt. I'm glad you were able to get him to the ER and that he'll be getting a bed soon. :::hugs:::

Congrats on the new baby in the family!

I hope you can get some rest soon.


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Wow..........too many emotions to even contain in an email, let alone in a weekend. You must be beside yourself. Keep us posted on Cory........and certainly.............congrats on the grandbaby. My thoughts will be with all of your family.


The suicide attempt would scare me stupid.

I'd distance myself from the in-laws -- there's too many, too much. lol

Congrats on the grandbaby!


Congratulations on the grandbaby! Sounds like she is going to be a stubborn one.

I'm glad Cory is ok.

What a roller-coaster.

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Congradulations on the new grandbaby Janet - you need to post some pics..

Sorry to hear about Corey - am sending some positive thoughts his way -



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What a rollercoaster! I'm so sorry that the joy of the baby was tempered by the stress of the extended family and then nearly cancelled out by your son's act of desperation :frown: I hope things settle for you and the rest of your family soon.


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Well the Big Event turned into a circus. They induced her and nothing happened. She wouldnt dilate and she had more friends and family in her room than people at a blue light sale at Kmart. When she wasnt dilating by 1 pm, we took Keyana and went back to the apartment and kept calling to check on conditions.

At one point, there were 19 people in her room after we left!

I was intensely private about this and can't imagine the circus. Friends and family (including parents and inlaws) all got a call after my babies arrived, the exception being the friend who watched my children. I would have been a wreck with so many people there. (Heck, my husband was lucky I let him in the room.) All the hospitals in my town have limits on the number of people who can be in the labor and delivery rooms.

I'm sorry that Cory chose this day for a manipulative power play. It doesn't sound like he is to be trusted in your home or alone with either baby.


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Well there is an update.

First I have to clear something up. Cory's attempt happened on Tuesday which was the day after we got home from being up at Jamies. His baby had gone back to her maternal grandmothers house. The reason he got this upset is that Keyanas mother started her normal bs over Cory talking to another girl and started ranting that he would never see his daughter again. Its plenty fine for HER to sleep with every male under the sun but Cory cant even speak to another female. Whats good for one is good for the other. But in any case, the babies werent around.

But...Cory came waltzing home in the middle of the night! He simply walked out of the hospital last night and they let him even though they had commitment papers on him. How this happened I have no idea. We told him to leave. Oh well.


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janet, I am so sorry for the exhaustion you must be experiencing. everything happening at once!
congrats on the new lil dear.
too bad the inlaws are ruining the pleasure.
hope cory gets a handle on things again soon!


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Where is Cory this morning? Do you think it would do any good to try to talk him into going back to the hospital? It would scare me to think that he might try something like that again if he felt backed into a corner by his ex-girlfriend or someone else!

Gosh, I'm just so sorry that it keeps going and going and going for you!!


I am exhausted just reading your posts! Congrats on the new baby, I'm sure she is adorable. I am sorry about Cory, keep us updated on everyone. Take care of yourself and get some rest!


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Well update to the update!

Cory wandered back here this morning. He slept in the barn last night.

A few minutes ago I got a call from the cops. Seems leaving the hospital like that wasnt the smartest thing he could do. Tsk tsk. Now the cops are on their way to get him. I dont think this is going to go well at all though. He is out in the yard with some girl and the minute he sees them pull up in the yard he is gonna take off like a bat out of ya know where. He isnt going to want to go back to the hospital.

Ahhhh the drama I have in my life. And my psychiatrist thinks I dont need anxiety medications!