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I remember a few years ago there was a post on here about "Attend" but I can't remember what was said. Have any of you tried "Attend" or can someone please direct me to the archived post?

Thanks a Bunch


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I'm not exactly sure what Attend is. It appears to have a lot of the Omega acids, however it includes things like chromium piccolinate (which I have and I also know others to have some side effects from, including bubbling of the skin). It also has caffeine (which is not a bad thing, necessarily for a child with adhd). This is a list of the ingredients....from their website, so read between the lines, if you can. They are promoting the product and of course they will only tell you the benefits of the ingredients. The FDA does not govern what vitamin companies sell you.


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My son used to take Attend. We tried it when it was obvious that stimulants were not for him. He was down to 38 pounds just before he turned 7. At first I thought it was working but now I think that I just wanted it to work. He took it for a year and I didn't have enough money to purchase a bottle when we ran out. Guess what? I didn't see any difference when he stopped taking it. Eventually he ended up on Risperdal (which thankfully has helped him gain some weight!). Maybe it will work for your family, but it is expensive and I would be skeptical.


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I just started giving the Attend to my son yesterday. Hoping and praying that it helps. Trying hard not to place him back on script medications.

Wish us luck!!