Awesome conference - I'm so proud

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by helpangel, Apr 23, 2012.

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    I took both my girls to the mental health recovery conference today. I can't imagine how it could have gone better. Did any of you ever think I would see the day I could take those 2 to an event geared toward adults that started at 8am and went to 4pm; come home and post a happy post instead of wanting to crawl into a bottle of vodka to cry? 8 hours no one got hit, no one cried... I'm so happy at the moment I'm giddy!

    Lunch - no food got thrown, sure Angel ate her cake before main course was served but so did one of the speakers who was sitting next to her; he even thanked her for going first and making it ok for him to do it too. He laughed at her remark about the salad not being food but what food eats before it becomes food. For some reason they alternated choc cake & crem brule' at the tables - her remark was "what are they trying to start a riot?" She held her own in adult conversations and pretty much amused the table. She hurried to open a door for an old lady she wasn't even going thru.


    Sorry to yell but that has never EVER happened before. How far we have come since a couple years ago when we had cops coming here about once a week and I was constantly whining about needing a bed that's not available, my neck brace (swung her body weight from my hair) or which teacher she assaulted, cop she kicked, who she spit on etc.

    The school was a little ticked I was pulling my kids out of school all day for this with all the absences they have (hey we are juggling 10 doctors over here) guess this cool certificate they issued each of us is going to come in handy if the make a stink. Turns out this conference counts as 5 accredited social worker hours. in my opinion they gained more valuable info today then they did all year at school so if school doesn't like it THEY CAN BITE ME. I'll just laugh at them.
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    Sounds like a FANTABULOUS day! So great seeing such a positive happy post.

    And I'm with you on the missing a school day. Some things are just more important.
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    I am so happy you had such a great day !!!:beautifulthing::bravo::happyguy:
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    :yourock: It's a wonderful thing.
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    If they (i.e. school) can pull kids from classes for band trips and sports tourneys and "stay in school" presentations... then YOU can pull them from school for REAL educational stuff.
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    Woo hoo!!!! I love to hear about good days!! I'm happy for you and yuor girls.