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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by joneshockey, Mar 4, 2011.

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    Sorry everyone for not being on lately... I have been extremely busy and extremely tired! Every day that goes by it seems like I get more and more tired (you know it is bad when your 7 year old comments to someone on the telephone that his Mommy is probably asleep on the couch when it is only 6:30 at night- LOL!) Earilier this week I had an unexpected visit to my OB because I thought that I might have a bladder infection, but the urinalisis came back normal... So when I went back for my regular OB visit on Thursday the dr. discovered that it was the baby's head that is causing all of the pressure that I am feeling... I guess she wants to use my bladder and bowels as a pillow for the last few weeks! He also discovered that her head is extremely low... only about a knuckle length away from the cervix - with 7 weeks left to go, so he is expecting that I will probably deliver earily. How earily I am not sure, but he did mention that he wouldn't stop my labor once I reached 34 weeks - which I turn 34 weeks next Wednesday. I am hoping that I have less pushing time once the time comes since she already is pretty low, but I guess I will just have to wait and see. I don't really have many other pains besides the pressure I feel constantly... I do have some buldging veins on my left leg that have started to burn/hurt and itch - The dr. said to wear maternity pantyhose and see if that helps... I am planning on buying osme this weekend. Does anyone have any other suggestions to help with my veins? That is about all the news from here... I will keep everyone updated as much as I possibly can!
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    Bedrest, bedrest, bedrest. And elevate your feet when you do it and whenever you can. Wishing the best for you and the little one!
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    Wow I can't believe how fast it is going (not for you I'm sure, LOL) glad things are going well. I remember that exhausted feeling ... take care
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    Glad things are going along well. Enjoy your support hose. I'm wearing one. (and I actually DO love it!)
  5. Hound dog

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    Keep legs elevated on pillows every chance you get. Do use the maternity hose, I'm guessing they're like support hose. Don't sit with legs crossed, including at the ankles.

    I carried both my girls very very low.

    I hope you have a good delivery whenever she decides to come. Thanks for the update.

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    wow it is going fast and yes get those feet up!!!! get rest too if you can