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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Mar 22, 2011.

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    I really should be asking difficult child to get off of X-Box and get ready for bed but I am so much enjoying his conversation with an unknown player.

    They are talking about dating. difficult child at one point asked if the other person is saying he should be a bad boy to get the girls to like him. He then said, "No, we do not have bad boys at my school and that would not go over very well. Besides, I am not bad boy material." (I am beaming with pride and joy!)

    Then, he goes on to say how you have to care for the girl. "Even if you don't, pretend you do." (a gentleman!)

    However, I think it is time - I can't hear the other side of course, but difficult child just told this kid that if he tried that at his school he would be shot down so fast. He also told the kid that he is 3 and 0 (3 girls have asked difficult child out but he has turned them down).

    Now I am hearing a "Dude, I am not going to! If anything, you are probably going to get dumped."

    O.K. sounds like this is getting too much toward inappropriate discussions? Don't know for sure since I don't know what is being said but difficult child is so tense about this and this other kid is talking about having a girl either there with him or on the way over. Gotta go.....
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    Whew! LOL!

    Gotta love it.

    Yeah, great advice and great directions from your difficult child. Don't know about the other kid ...
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    Going through same thing with my difficult child 14YO. The only difference is he sits in front of his computer with his "virtual" friends all night long. I have come to the point of letting him, its either me cut off the internet and he will cause a major disruption which will go on non stop or allow him internet and know it will be peaceful in the house for the most part. I feel your anxiety, bc i have caught him having inappropiate conversations and omg he blows up and i cant subject my other kids to that rage anymore.
  4. Andy

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    The other boy is claiming to be 9 years old. difficult child thinks he is telling the truth because he sounds young on the game. I hope he is but we will really never know.

    If he is really 9 years old, he should definetly not be talking about sleeping arrangements. I heard difficult child say, "My parents would never allow her to sleep in my room." (that puts momma bear on alert big time!) If he is really 9 years old, he may just be trying to put on the "bad boy" attitude to impress a 14 year old. If he is 9 years old, hopefully difficult child's reactions and words are sending the message that boys do not have to behave and talk about that.

    If he is not 9 years old, he could be playing with difficult child and trying to drag him into something dangerous. difficult child was not about to take the bait tonight if that is the case.

    difficult child says he is harmless - that their discussion was not about things I might be jumping to conclussions about. I told him that discussing sleeping arrangements is not an appropriate thing to do.

    So glad that I can hear difficult child's reactions to things said and keep up on what is being discussed by talking to difficult child about them.