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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Teriobe, Aug 28, 2017.

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    Im having a bad day already and it hasnt even started. Woke up with anxiety over sons future, but mire so about my granddaughter in another state. Shes not in any danger to call cps, but i dont like some of the things i hear. Like, i was late for 2nd day if achool cuz mom was drunk last nught and didn't set alarms. Made it to school barely but didnt get breakfast. I try not to over react. Or my mom smokes weed sonetimes. And i dont know cuz shes 9, so maybe mom had a few beers and did sonething goofy and her boyfriend said awh shes drunk kudding around, and my granddaughter took it literally. I cant jumo on miorr stuff cuz then mom will get mad at me and cut me off. I dont trust the mom cuz she did it before, we took her to court for grandparent rights won but yr later moved so this is all my sons stupid fault why i have this. He got her og, he used drugs, they broke up, she hookedup with his friend, blah blah. Drama. And to top it iff when i have anxiety my ibs acts uo and have to deal with running to bathrm all the time at work. Pisses me off
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    Good morning, Teri!

    Get your granddaughter a simple clock with an alarm for her nightstand. She is old enough to learn to get herself up and get ready for school, and necessary, since mom seems lax.

    Teach her to lay out her clothes the night before, and have her backpack packed and ready to go by the door along with her shoes, coat, etc.

    This will help her get into good habits and get her to school on time. She can wake her mom up at X time if needed, in order to leave the house in time for school.

    It is what it is.

    How is your new job going?
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  3. Teriobe

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    New job is good, easy too. People seem nice.. if these are the only 3 programs i have to learn, which i have down pat, then i have it made til 62yrs. Dont know how they are with time off thou. I usually get my granddaughter for whole month in july when i wasnt working, so dont know...... that time is important to me. I dont mind taking no pay, but will a company do that.......we will see. Since im making money i can always have smaller vacations w her throughout the year, but it will cost in airfare. Thats why i really want a job with elementary school. I would live that schedule
  4. Teriobe

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    I would love not live that schedule
  5. AppleCori

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    Your job sounds great!

    I doubt most jobs would be OK with someone taking a month off without a doctor's recommendation (disability) but you can easily take your two weeks vacation in the summer, plus having the weekends before and after off, it would still be a lot of time.
  6. Littleboylost

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    I too am have a high anxiety day not working today so Cleanjng the house to destress. It is what it is. And I can't imagine having other kids or GK in the mix. Thinking abiut you.
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    She lives in another state thats the problem
  8. Littleboylost

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    Hang in here Teri and I hope your stomach is calming down.
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    I thought having a difficult child was the hardest thing to live through... until he brought a child into the world. I feel your pain for your grandchild. It's so hard when you don't have any rights.

    I like the idea of giving her a cute little alarm clock. It's a nice way to build independence.