Bad Moments don't make bad Mom's

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    *I read this devotion recently and really wanted to share it, it's meant for all Mom's but as a mom of 2 difficult child's it really spoke to me, AOG

    Do you ever feel like the ping pong ball in a heated match bouncing between feeling like a good mom to a bad mom?
    I volunteer to keep the class guinea pig over spring break much to my daughter’s delight. After all, we have a hamster we adore so we’re highly qualified… GOOD MOM!
    Two weeks before spring break our pet hamster has an accident and makes an early exit from this world. I get a letter from the principal informing me after hearing about our unfortunate hamster situation, we are unfit class guinea pig babysitters… BAD MOM!
    I delight the teacher by showing up on time to read to the class… GOOD MOM!
    That same day I get an e-mail from a teacher listing three parents who haven’t turned in permission slips and I’m on the list for all the world to see… BAD MOM!
    I make sure my kids pack something healthy for lunch…GOOD MOM!
    The schedule falls apart and I feed them sugary cereal for dinner… BAD MOM!
    I so desperately want to be a good mom. And sometimes I feel like I am, when life is clicking along with good attitudes, healthy hamsters, turned in permission slips, and a pot roast for dinner. But let’s be honest. The days where everything turns out right and there’s a pot roast on the table are sometimes few and far between. And I find myself feeling like a failure. Have you ever been there?
    The other day I was processing these things with my friend, Renee, when a strange theme seemed to arise. I just started laughing. I told Renee that many of my days tell the same story… I was on the verge of a breakdown and then I spent some time with Jesus and He made things better.
    Renee quipped back, “Well, isn’t that where most of us live?”
    Not that we’re on the edge of a breakdown, but we live in a place of utter dependence on God. I know I live in constant need of His love, encouragement, wisdom, perspective, strength, patience and grace.
    Anything I do right as a mom is because of my constant dialogs with God. I’ve learned to talk with Him in honest plain language and say things like, “Hey God, I feel like a bad mom because I snapped at my kids. But my circumstances don’t define me, right? You do. So, I’m receiving Your grace and letting go of those feelings pulling me down. Please help me.”
    I must remember the truth of today’s promise in Ephesians 2:4-5, “But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy,made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.”
    God’s grace is always willing to step in. Not that it excuses me from being more patient, organized or responsible. But it reminds me, “Lysa, you are doing better than you think you are. My love for you is great! Stop bouncing from feeling good to bad to good to bad. In the good times, rejoice and thank Me. In the not so good times, call out to Me quickly.”
    With God we’re never a bad mom. We might be having a bad moment… or two… or seventeen. But a few bad moments do not define us.
    God’s grace is there to cover us. Teach us. And even in the middle of a bad moment, interrupt us, redirect us and change me.
    Forgiveness is there.
    Love is there.
    A second chance is there. And another one after that.
    You are a good mom my friend…even if, like me, you’ve had a few bad moments… you are the exact mom God knew these children needed. Let’s live in that truth today.And who cares if we are labeled unfit to watch the class guinea pig? As I stepped back from the situation I realized that saved us from some undue stress anyhow. Smiles.
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    "Not that we're on the edge of a breakdown" .... actually I kinda am, LOL
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    A Maze - I have missed you!!! Think about you often. Its been awhile since you posted. How are things going???
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    LOL I just grabbed you in your post above, LOL, I am alive and kicking.... difficult child's are.. well.... still difficult child's lol
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    Hi Amazed!!!!! ((((hugs)))) Good to see you here!! :)
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    I'm glad to see you too!! Thanks for sharing this with us. SFR