Bad news today at both doctors. appointments

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by joneshockey, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Well, today has been a rough day... I don't even know where to begin. Baby Emily is now around 8 lbs. and they are concerned about how big she is already with me still having 3 more weeks to go... The Maternal/Fetal specialist is reccomending that I am induced once I hit 39 weeks (which is 2 weeks from today). There is also rising concern over her left kidney (the healthier of the two) - It now apprears to be getting worse than it was before. I then went over to the Pediatric Urologist and he gave me even MORE bad news... He is concerned that she may not have a "strong enough" kidney on either side to support her needs even as a little baby. (which we won't know for sure until she arrives & is a couple of months old) He also told me that in the future at some point that she may have to go on dialisis or get a transplant depending on how she does as she grows and gets bigger. I guess the plan is that she will need to stay at the hospital for at least 5 or 6 days after delivery to have further tests run - ultrasounds, bladder x-rays and blood tests to monitor kidney function. I am now sooo scared about what is going to happen with her that it almost is making me sick with worry - I can't stop crying either. I know that there is nothing that I can do right now and that worrying won't change anything but how do I stop what I am feeling inside? I go back to my regular OB on Friday and I hope to find out what he feels will be best as far as when I deliver - I just hope the anticipation of it all doesn't stress me out to the max. Please continue to keep Baby Emily in your prayers and I will keep you updated as more information is provided to me.
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    Saying prayers and sending support...

  3. tiredmommy

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    I'm sorry this is happening. Sending gentle {{{hugs}}}, supportive thoughts and many prayers.
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    Hugs and prayers going out.
  5. Hound dog

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    I'm so sorry, I knew that function was probably going to be an issue, but I'd hoped it wouldn't be that much of one. I'm hoping doctor was laying out the worst case scenerio for you and that when she arrives it won't be nearly as bad as they anticipated.

    Will be keeping both you and little Emily in my prayers.

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    Ms Emily is in my thoughts and prayers, as are you & your family
  7. Star*

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    Jones -

    Doctors can ONLY guess - Emily isn't here yet, and she may just surprise everyone. No sense worrying and crying about ANYTHING until that time gets here. Until it does? Know that you have a lot of people praying for you both, and that angels beat the odds every single day. Why would yours be ANY different?
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    JH, I am keeping you ALL in my prayers daily. My heart just sank when I saw the subject line. Trust me, honey, we will raise board power for you.
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    Sending up good thoughts for a healthy completion of the pregnancy, and that baby Emily proves the doctors wrong. I totally agree with- Star. Or, as my father in law puts it, "There's a reason why it's called the *practice* of medicine - they haven't got it perfect yet."

    It's good that they're covering all the bases and have all potential scenarios prepared for. Hopefully it will be a lot of planning and preparation that will never need to come into play.

    Many many *many* good thoughts coming your and her way.
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    More prayers being added and sending hugs your way.
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    Ohhh, I'm sorry. I'm sending strength and good health for you and Emily. As the others said, maybe the doctors are preparing you for a worst case scenario.
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    I agree with Star as well. I am sorry you are going thru all of this JH.... Hugs and prayers
  13. HaoZi

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    Sending good vibes and hugs to y'all, hon.
  14. mom_to_3

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    JH, I'm offering gentle thoughts to ease your worried heart and mind. I'm confident that God will lay his healing and protective hands on your precious little Emily. Many {{{{ HUGS}}}} for your family.
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    Many hugs and prayers to you honey! If it's any help - they told me that Evie (aka "The Weeble") had a very high chance of cystic fibrosis. Nothing at all...not even a carrier of the gene!

    Keep your chin up - we're here for you!

  16. cubsgirl

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    I'm so sorry for your rough day with bad news. I'm praying for healing for Baby Emily and strength for you and the rest of your family.

    I am with the others - maybe they are just telling you worst case and she'll surprise everyone!!!

    Until then....((HUGS))
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    You are both most definitely in my prayers!!
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    Sending you gentle hugs and strong prayers for little Emily.

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    Sending supportive thoughts and hugs your way. DDD
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    Sending healing thoughts and warm vibes your way. I may have a bad back but I've got strong shoulders to lean on if needed. Best of luck and brightest blessings to you and baby Emily.