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  1. eekysign

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    Peter Wright, of Wrightslaw fame, is going to be speaking at a day-long Juvie Law and Ed legal conference in my state next week. Unfortunately, I can't attend. Boo.

    Total bummer. I'd love to meet the man. I'll put out a question for you VA board folk to see if non-attorneys can register ($75). Will keep you guys updated.
  2. klmno

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    If this iis in Va, what reegion? Do you have a link telling where, times, who's invited, etc?
  3. eekysign

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    Here you go, ladies and gents of VA. I confirmed with the organizers that anyone who deals with the system is welcome to attend. As long as you realize this is a continuing legal ed event for attorneys (it may be a little overwhelming, and it's not somewhere you can go for legal advice, or to ask specific questions), it could be immensely valuable!!
    Cost is $75, and it's in Richmond, VA.