baked all day for nothing.


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<span style="color: #3366FF"> </span> Well i was sure the kids would have school today and they were suppose to have a party in class.well i had to do desserts.Iwas cooking all day yesterday.and nothing easy i made polish bow ties,and not easy.and i did all these there is no school what am i suppose to do with all this. does any one want a cupcake???? lol


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<span style="color: #330000">you can wrap & freeze the cupcakes, can't you? what about the other stuff??

kris </span>


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polish bow ties. I think my sister in law makes those...chris chicky I think she calls them. so hard to make so easy to eat!


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I'll eat one!

The weekend is coming up... you could have them for a lazy breakfast with-tea on Sat. a.m....


Well, shoot! That would be aggravating.

Freezing in small quantities sounds good. Quick snacks for later, heatable in the microwave?


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I'll trade you grapes for cupcakes--My kids love cupcakes!! Just give us directions and we're there-

I bought 3 pounds of grapes for our Valentine's Party-


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well hey your in md. difficult child loves grapes,he is not a junk food eater.he loves all veg. and fruits.but i dont think the kids would of liked getting a fruit tray.well i guess now there not getting nothing..


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Ugh, that stinks. Send em out to the neighborhood kids.

I never, ever buy candy/sweets/treats for the kids parties in school. They had Valentines cards for the kids, and that was that.

Because in all honesty, I HATE when my kids come home with 10 tons of candy and junk after a party. I really, truly wish the schools would just put a screaming halt to that (and isnt it ironic how the teachers are always complaining how hyped the kids are, but year after year, allow the junk to come into the class - ugh).

Sorry you did all that for nothing.



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Maybe a fruit platter next time? You can freeze that! The cup cakes should freeze OK too. I often would make cakes and freeze them, so when there was a birthday party at school I could whip something out of the freezer and presto! An instant home-baked double-choc banana cake!

Never heard about the bow tie thingies, are they anything like crostoli? I've made that - it keeps in a sealed container for a week or more. That is, assuming we don't pig out. Hmm, have to make more soon...