ball game fiasco

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    So Friday nite we had free tickets to a local ball game (box seats) difficult child II (who is 11) invited his "girlfriend" (also 11) and her Mom said yes b4 I could even object. So me, difficult child II, difficult child II's girlfriend, difficult child I and my Mom go to the game. Turns out we had the whole box (airconditioned, leather sofas, TV with cable and a waitress to fulfill our every desire) to ourself! It was really vey nice!

    BUT there was a big party in the box next to us and one little boy (about 5 or 6) who was DEFINATLEY a difficult child!!!! We are sitting in the box eating and this kid comes across the balcony and stands up on the seats (blocking our view of the game) and starts licking the glass and giving us the finger. His mom comes over and apologizes and they go back to their box. We move out to the balcony seats and the child comes back! He literally sits on top of difficult child II's girlfriend and tries to lick her face. Now I am waiting for difficult child II to haul off and smack this child. But difficult child II's girlfriend handles herself and shoves the kid off and marches over to the other box and complains to his mother. She waves and apologizes again.

    We go back in our box, difficult child II is flaming mad at this point, I try to point out that the kid may have ADHD or something and then difficult child II's girlfriend says, "yeah maybe he has mental problems like you do" I freeze, difficult child I (who was napping on the leather sofa) raises his eyebrows and I look at difficult child II who's face is locked with tension ........ but he did not blow, difficult child II's girlfriend laughed and hugged him and asked him to buy her a drink, the power of young love, I suppose! Then I look up and there are two little white butt cheeks pushed up against the glass, UGH! That child was definatley a difficult child!!!!! We left b4 the fireworks or we would've had fireworks right in our box!!!:fan:
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    Did you forget to ask the waitress to fullfill the desire of keeping your box private? The mom of your little visitor sure has her hands full. Wonder if she is a forum member?

    So, what do you think of difficult child II's girlfriend? How much has he told her about himself and will she be the type to use this to make him miserable on the day they break up?
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    difficult child II's girlfriend was actually a sweetie, a bit brazen, but innocently so. Although little girls are unpredictable at times (so are little boys, LOL). She is one of those kids that "knows too much" about what's going on in the adult's lives in her life. She had good manners and seems equally smitten with difficult child II. She leaned her head on my shoulder at one point during the game (better mine then difficult child II's LOL)

    We will have to wait and see I guess. Her Mom seems nice, but has a 1 y/o and works FT, I get the impression she's slightly overwhelmed, but aren't we all!
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    What an experience. Maybe you should have given the mom a card with this website on it-LOL
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    I think the level of frankness from girlfriend is very refreshing. As long as GFGII doesn't feel a comment like that is a put-down, then i would welcome the honesty in it.

    As for the kid - Not necessarily a difficult child in terms of having something inherently wrong, but it sounds to me like parenting COULD be an issue - the mother should have been watching more closely, especially after the first incident, then the second, by which time she should have realised the kid was determined to cause mischief.

    Sounds to me like the kid was bored and trying to entertain himself. Young bored kids gravitate to other kids especially, because they feel there is more scope for entertainment. As for giving you the finger, mooning etc - how did he get the chance to have the time to pull down his trousers? If his mother was watching (as she certainly should have been by then) he should have been whisked away well before he got the waistband down more than an inch or so. And where did he get the idea from? And those signals?

    Some parents (especially some mothers) seem to use parties, public events etc as a handy excuse to let their kids do what they want. It's like they take a break from parenting so they can enjoy themselves. They only will intervene if their kid is risking injury. I've had the occasional parent like this visiting us. They never visit twice.

    Maybe the kid is a difficult child, or maybe the kid is simply allowed to do what he wants when the family is on an outing. Sometimes it's impossible to tell.

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    yes I was wondering how much Mom was self medicating with the Vodka cooler in her hand, LOL, of course I did have a beer with my hotdog, so I do not want to judge. There are days my difficult child's make me wanna drink, but S2BX's drinking has helped to keep me in reality, someone has to stay there for the kids.
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    Wow...what a game! I'm sorry the difficult child in the neighboring box picked you guys to entertain himself :( It sounds as if you all kept calm about it....I'm not quite sure my family would have been.