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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by tired Cheryl, Oct 3, 2007.

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    Sorry guys. Maybe I am just totally spent fromt the trauma that was today? but I searched the archives and want some basic info that I am not finding. My brain is too fried to pick through the abundance of info.

    Will someone please answer a few basics?

    1. What is an ARD exactly?

    2. Must I formally request an evaluation from SD? They say that they need to review his evaluation from neuropsychologist (done at children's hospital) first before they decide if he "qualifies" for SD evaluation. If I do need to formally request it will it be like the OHI where I am dependent on the SD for the form which they won't give me?

    Neurologist's social worker got the OHI paperwork eventually and they are going to send it to SD directly. Tomorrow I think? My plan is to take newly ammended neuropsychologist report to the Special Education director in person tomorrow, along with letter from private preschool's principal stating why she expelled him permanently. Therapist's sent their letter to me via snail mail so I do not have it yet.

    Any other ideas?

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    Hi Cheryl,

    I'm sure there are many here more expert than I, but I got my evaluation process going by sending a certified letter to the SD person in charge of my son's age group. This was preschool, in his case--I got her name by calling the SD and asking, though I think I could have sent it to "Special Education, Town School District" with the same result. Then she sent me back a letter, a copy of the procedural safeguards (in retrospect, hah!), and an offer of a meeting to discuss. I think I included a few other things like the preschool expulsion letter and some letters from other caregivers outlining his problems. They did their own evaluation. I'd say send the neuropsychologist evaluation just to speed the process (from your sig it sounds like services are a no-brainer, but then I'm not a SD).

    Others know more than me--I'm new at all this, but that's what we did. Wrightslaw is a good source for procedure. I think they have sample letters, but I got my sample letter from the Concord SPED PAC website, which, being in my state, was extra-helpful.

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    An ARD is an acronym for Admission, Review and Dismissal. It's unique to Texas. It's the same things as an IEP (ARD) meeting, IEP (ARD) Committee, etc.

    If you want the evaluation done, you must formally request it or you will be stonewalled and/or it will not get done in a timely manner. Case in point: They want you to withdraw the request. If you do, they will spend 2 months and probably the rest of the year doing RTI. Say, they wait just 2 months and start in Dec. The District offices close for Christmas so add 2 to 3 weeks. You're into January. Then the sd has 60 days to do the evaluation and another 30 to write the report and schedule the 1st ARD (IEP) meeting. That puts the 1st IEP meeting into March or April. What if you decided to get an IEE? You're looking at another 60 - 90 days to get the IEE done and another IEP meeting scheduled.

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">They say that they need to review his evaluation from neuropsychologist (done at children's hospital) first before they decide if he "qualifies" for SD evaluation. </div></div>

    Pure bunk.

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">If I do need to formally request it will it be like the OHI where I am dependent on the SD for the form which they won't give me? </div></div>

    The fact is that a doctor can fill out a multitude of OHI forms. It's helpful for the student because it's evidence of a disability. However, a diagnosis of any kind/type does not automatically qualify a child for an IEP -- the disability(ies) must adversely impact the educational environment behaviorally or academically. The IEP Committee (which includes the parent) can deem the child not eligible for special education/IEP.

    No, you do not need anything from the sd to refer your child for an evaluation. But, you've already referred him, haven't you? You need to follow that letter up with another asking when the evaluation process will begin. If they give you any flack about it, ask for Mediation Procedures and Due Process information....and, by the way, "I'll need the State Special Education Director's name and address of TEA's special monitoring department in Austin."
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    Is there a sample letter geared towards Texas that I can use to draft for my follow-up on evaluation request.
    I want to make sure to say the "right" things.
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    I'd keep it short and to the point. Edit at will, or feel free to use all or none of the following:

    Certified Mail #_____________


    Mr/s Sp Ed Director

    Re: Child's Name

    Dear Mr/s Sp Ed Director:

    Via letter dated x/x/2007, I requested a Full and Initial Evaluation in conjunction with IDEA regulations be performed on my child, Name. (copy attached) The letter was received by XISD on x/x/2007.

    It's my understanding that XISD has 60 days to complete the evaluation, but to my knowledge, the evaluation process has not even started.

    My address is reflected below. Please update me on XISD's progress in getting the evaluation done.