neuropsychologist evaluation seems to have gone very wrong

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    Hi Everyone -

    This is going to be pretty short because I need to get in the shower and take difficult child to day 2 of neuropsychologist testing. I was SO excited because the new psychiatrist gave me the name of a place to get a neuropsychologist evaluation and they took our insurance. I tried not to get my hopes up because we always seem to hit brick walls. We did again, difficult child had the EEG. Then we met the Neurologist. He's a Neurologist - NOT a neuropsychologist, it turns out. He's also a lunatic and other things that I will not say here. Among the craziest things he said were:

    No one is to blame...we should blame GOD.

    He referred to people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) as "these people"

    When he said to me "you problem don't like the things I said", I said: "It's not necessarily the things you SAID, it's also how you're expressing them", he says: " I've often thought I might have some autistic tendencies because I'm not great with social interactions" ????????????

    The worst thing is he said: "Your son is only 12. Wait till he turns 16. You guys have a lot in front of you. And he said something about pushing someone on to a train track or raping the nun up the block.

    This man had me in tears. By the time we met with the psychologist - who tells me there is no psychiatrist there but they can refer for psychiatric testing - I just wanted to leave. The only reason we didn't is that the psychologist said he could give him testing that would see if he had any learning disabilities, cognitive problems, attention problems, depression, bipolar tendencies, etc. and we desperately need some new info on all this for the SD. We are set to go in about one hour.

    I thought we were going to get a more definitive diagnosis. Now I'm totally depressed and upset. I feel like never putting my son through testing again. When I do get there today I am going to ask to speak to a supervisor about that Dr. This is an Institute for Epilepsy. The EEG tech - who was VERY nice - said people come from all over to go here. I don't understand any of this.
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    I'm reminded of a song that I like that's goes, "It's all in how you say it."

    Continue with the evaluation because you might get some good and important information that you don't have now.

    As far as the doctor goes, let's just say that his bedside manner appears to be one of his weaker points. I think what he's trying to tell you is the same thing our psychiatrist keeps telling me: your son is young and he's a tough kid to parent. You have alot of parenting ahead of you and the teenage years are lot harder than the tween years. He really could have found a way to say it better.

    Good luck with the rest of the testing. Let us know how it goes and what you find out.


    Bunny - Im glad you said that I should continue because I'm really sitting here deciding vwhether to go back there or not. I guess I should because I have nothing else lined up but I am feeling so disappointed and hopeless right now.
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    Absolutely do go. The only reason not to go would be if your son feels endangered by the flakey Neurologist. Even if the overall value is just might lead to something helpful in the long run. I have my fingers crossed that today will be worthwhile. Hugs DDD
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    A neurologist is not the one to diagnose anything other than seizures and tics. I'd dump both the doctor who referred you as he doesn't seem to know the difference between a neurologist and a neuropsychologist and the neurologist who spoke to you about God. Seriously, what if you were/are an atheist? Maybe leave him a message suggest he also be evaluated by a neuropsychologist.

    That is so unprofessional. He sounds wacky. Head for the hills!!!!!!!!
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    MWM I agree the Dude sounds "wacky" BUT she will be getting one more piece of documentation to add to her list AND she already is aware that she's not dealing with a "full deck". on the other hand since her insurance company approved the visits and since she doesn't feel it will be harmful for her difficult child, I think she needs to complete the cycle .... and THEN she can say "look I went to xyz on your recommendation and this is NOT what I expected. Otherwise she could look like one who doesn't "follow the rules"......DUMB as the rules may be, lol. DDD
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    You didn't get a neuropsychologist, you got a neurologist.
    BUT... you also got a psychologist who is on your page... and one of our best comprehensive evaluations was done by a PhD-level psychologist.
    Take what you can get, and milk it for all it's worth.
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    Oh I feel for you but I hope the psychologist turns out to be better. I have never had a good experience with neuropsychs. I went to one myself about 6 months after I got out of the hospital from the meningitis. She was a psychologist that saw me in the rehab and when I found out she was actually a neuropsychologist I jumped at the chance to have one done. Oh what a mistake!

    This woman had me in tears. She accused me of reading up to much on psychiatric issues and then thinking I had everything I ever read about. Uhhhh, NOT! She also said I was doing so well even though I could hardly remember words and when I tried to do drawings that I had to copy, I couldnt do it. She dropped my IQ almost 40 points then she said I should be thrilled that I was normal. Well maybe I would be if I hadnt had an IQ of 138 before the meningitis!

    I think my problem with her...or her problem with me...was the fact that she saw me at my very worst. The mere fact that I could put a sentence together that made sense was an improvement. She had no clue what I was like before the illness. My therapist and psychiatrist both said I had lost so much. I will never give anyone access to that report. In order for her to have sent it to my psychiatrist or therapist I would have had to sign a paper and after I read the report, I refused. And you can believe I will never give her name for anyone to get my records from.

    Now my therapist did the most in depth evaluation on me and I have no doubt she was right on.