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    Katie finally got back to Nichole, she called her this morning. They actually had a conversation.

    Seems she is working. It's telemarketing. She calls people, tells them they won a key and a chance to see if that key fits to win a new car. Sounds on the up and up, and a pretty popular thing around here. The "sub" part is that the co has a lot of people working for them and try to divide the hours so everyone is getting about the same.

    M finally received his birth certificate, the shelter helped him get it. She says they've been accepted to the hud apartments she lived in before.....and are just waiting to here when the apartment will be ready to move in. Sounds like they're cleaning it up so guessing around the 1st.

    Nichole said she sounds very happy. There was no whining and carrying on, except about how such and such resident "thinks it all should be done for them"........of course we had to laugh at that. Nichole said she did a lot of tongue biting during that part. lol She did tell Nichole it's been some time now since she's had a migraine.

    Hmmm. Not quite sure what to think. Maybe the whole nobody is gonna fix this mess has finally sunk in. Maybe the whole you're about to be homeless on the street scared her into getting of her fanny and doing something about it.

    Notice no one said M has a job. ugh

    Major anxiety and being stuck (comfortable) in victim mode have been major barriers. Other issues for sure, but these two are the biggest. She'd rather hide (literally) under the covers than fix things herself.

    As far as no answer via internet goes, seems M abused the privilege and they've been banned from it. I can't say I'm surprised. Which is why she didn't answer that way.

    I'm assuming since she's just waiting for the apartment to be ready that the shelter has given her an extension for that as they would speak to them themselves. But I'm going to call her this evening and I'll ask her then. If what she says about the apartment is true then I need to talk to her about furnishing it as of course she has nothing. I know the shelter gets donations but no idea what sorts of things they have available for them.

    I'm more than a bit surprised.

    We won't help furnish an apartment. That's already been decided. A shame as I actually have furniture I could give to them.......a sofa bed, end tables/coffee table, tv and such......But I think that wouldn't be too wise. IF she's just getting the idea she is the one who has to work to make changes the worst thing we can do is start handing her stuff......cuz she'll fall right bad into old patterns. IF she's getting the idea, it's only because no one is fixing or helping but expecting her to do what needs to be done. I don't mind taking her to goodwill or yard sales ect, but I won't pay for a thing.....she'll have to make do and scrimp and save to get it for herself. sister in law wouldn't mind transporting furniture as long as they paid the gas, which is reasonable.

    Like I said, I"m more than a bit surprised. This is already the longest job she's ever held. I'm not getting my hopes up though, and we'll be watching her like a hawk as far as the kids go. I guess we'll just have to wait and see still. ugh
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    Hmm, I have no problems believing that about M. I hope hope hope Katie wasn't fudging to Nichole, too.
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    Yeah I hope she's not lying about it either. But she's absolutely horrible at lying (good for us bad for her) and Nichole didn't pick up on her normal giveaways. But like I said.......we'll have to wait and see. And if I get to talk to her tonight I know her lies won't get past my radar. lol
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    Fingers crossed. DDD
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    Mine too - for the grands!!!
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    That sounds like excellent news!!! can be a glorious place for free furniture....
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    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of you! This is good news. I hope it's all true and she'll love having her own place so much, she'll do anything to keep it!
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    Pretzeling for the grands that it's all for real and she can hold this job and meet the quota they set for her.
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    Fingers crossed for your grandbabies, Lisa.