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I am soooooooo NOT a Drama person.

boyfriend and Nichole were fighting once again tonight. She was in a good mood, so of course boyfriend had to act like a jerk and spoil it. Then of course the fight was on.

Melissa and Darrin happened to be here when it started. Melissa was scanning things into the computer for her o/l Math class. The arguement started on the phone. Can't say Nichole started it this time. boyfriend called her.

I wanted to wring Melissa's neck. Nichole wanted me to drive her back over to boyfriend's house after she hung up on him. I flat out refused, told her she didn't need to go over there again just to fight with the boy. It was after 9pm. Nichole wore Melissa down and she drove her over.

About an hour later here they come, boyfriend and Nichole. After a while of sitting in the alley boyfriend comes in and tells me to come and get Nichole out of his car. I go out to see if she can be reasoned with. Since she couldn't, (too mad), I came right back inside. I figured, hey bud you knew she's been out of her abilify and YOU just had to pick a fight so deal with it.

Eventually, as usual, it moves inside. Same old stuff. Except boyfriend is making remarks that aren't true and really getting under my skin. (my tongue hurts from biting it) Once again said she needs to go to hospital. grrrrr That's really getting old. Then said she didn't need to be coming over so much all the time. He needs to do homework. Blah, blah. Yeah, ok. (spends most of his time sleeping and playing video games) Griping cuz Nichole doesn't spend time with her friends.....

Now Nichole has been spending a huge amount of time with US lately. (last few months) And has been spending time with her friend when she can. But friend works, just lost a baby, and has a life too. Nichole isn't at his house half as much as she used to be. And suddenly that's too much?? She even comes home before 8pm every night she's there.

They sure didn't make up tonight. Good lord I hope they don't. Nothing she does pleases the idiot. It's so obvious he doesn't have any desire to be with her at all. I wish she could see it. he doesn't even give a good argument anymore, for pete's sake.

Maybe I'll get lucky and Nichole will finally see that she can do nothing right in this jerks eyes. I'm not getting my hopes up though. :crazy:


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Lisa, is boyfriend Aubrey's biodad? Do you think Nichole is hanging around because of that?



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I would do what I did with difficult child and wingnut. I didn't allow her at our house anymore because it wasn't dealing with that kind of behavior. All they would do is fight in the driveway, the front yard, the house and I wanted no part of it. My daughter would get so upset because she would be woken up at night to it and it didn't belong in my home.


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she is 17 and will do as she pleases. ignore her and the boyfriend so they work it out alone. ugh. whatever you would think is right, they will do the opposite. keep em guessing. be silent.