Been reading everyones threads...


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I would like to comment on everyone's threads, but I feel a little awkward and out of place to do so right now. But ALL old and new members are in my thoughts and wishing the best for you all. As well has your health and fur babies, families, jobs etc... Hugs all

********Things for me, having A LOT of time to think AND do *******

:future:<--- HAHA It would be nice!


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Thank you for your kind words. I've been reading here every day for the last few months. I felt too awkward to say anything but today I decided to speak up. I too wish everyone here and their loved ones the best even when I'm not posting and just reading your words.


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Life with our challenging kids is a roller coaster - literally. Up and down, around and about, fast and slow, slide and climb...

I've been here for about 12 years now and arrived blurry-eyed in the middle of the night searching for...I don't know, answers, son was at his darkest and most difficult and I was lost, disillusioned, confused, embarrassed, and clueless!

Even though you feel you have nothing to offer or feel awkward, you would be amazed to discover what a simple "welcome to the site", or "I understand 'cause I've been there, done that", "hang in there", "positive thoughts your way", etc., will do to a parent who feels they are totally alone and at the end of their rope posts.

There are many who find their way here who have never seen another child like their challenging one. There are many who find their way here who have no one to ask for advice.
There are many who find their way here who have no idea where to turn next.

Coming here and finding this community is better than a hug, although it feels warm and comforting when you realize there are other parents out there who are going through the same thing you are! This is a place where we can find camaraderie through shared/like experiences.

Never feel you have nothing to offer - everyone here has a shoulder that someone might need. Never underestimate your power to make someone feel less afraid, less alone, less stressed and frazzled.

Confused, you do add to the group. It's not about how many times you post, it's more about the sincerity and openness when you do. Ilovecupcakes, I'm glad you "came out of hiding". Your son is a little one still and studies show that early intervention is a HUGE indicator of future success. You are in the right place!

Times have changed since 2002 when I came here. AHDH, learning disabilities, behavior issues, physical and mental challenges, etc., are much more "in the open" than they were just 12 years ago. It's easier to find information than it was just 12 short years ago. But places like this, where parents can gather to offer support and ask advice will always be in vogue!

Thanks for being part of the group!



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LittleDudesMom- I know you have been here a long time! I been here less, about 4 years? Maybe longer? People are more accepting and opening up with their situations your right. Still have a long way to go , esp me to understanding things. Im getting there! With my million venting/questions , ( and I have a few more although I read old and new threads) but it just has become too much ( for you all and me) including repetition to make complete new threads until my kids have had their therapy and such for a while. I know we may not all agree on things or what to do, and after the last few threads I made, I just feel its best to "reply" back after my kids have been in therapy for a while and getting definite instead of rule ins or out, maybes etc! I just feel as if anything I say might be the wrong thing. You know what I mean?

Your right I do understand what some have gone through, are going through. Even for those who I dont, I truly hope the best for all of you.

Thank you :)


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Confused, you are not alone. (None of us are.) But I 'get' the awkward thing. I was here many years ago, when my kids had me dangling over the edge. Back then, I posted A LOT. I couldn't get through a day without finding comfort somewhere here on the boards.

Now, however, after being gone for so many years, and being in such a different place with my kids, sometimes I'm not sure how to respond. My thoughts are there, my heart is, too. But somehow, everything I try to say just seems to come out sounding wrong and I don't hit that "post reply" button. I've been reading. I've been following along. But the words just aren't there in a way that I feel would be helpful.

But LittleDudesMom is right...even just a "I've been there, done that. I feel your pain." can do a lot for someone on the edge of parenting sanity. I remember times, years ago, when just knowing someone else knew what was going on in my head helped me get through the day. Sometimes, just getting my thoughts organized into a post helped me talk to the professionals and articulate what was going on here at home. To have that, plus someone else who cared enough to say they were listening, even if they didn't have answers, made the bad days just a little easier to get through.


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If nothing else Confused, just remember that there is strength in numbers. That's probably a good part of the reason most people hand around here, because while nobody truly understands exactly what you're going through they do have a pretty good idea. Similar shared experiences and all that.