Behavior Contract for the School


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This is something I implement on most of my family teams that I am a part of regardless of if they have an IEP, a 504 or if *acck* they have no safety precautions in place with the school. Although I have hit some brick walls from some of the schools, most are more than willing to implement this as a safety net for our difficult children. This is a "generalized" version, feel free to modify it to fit your difficult child and the target behaviors you are trying to improve upon.


Behavior Contract

Target Behaviors

Express feelings in a grade appropriate manner.
Be able to talk nicely about things that are upsetting.
Be able to follow classroom routine.


can politely ask for or present a laminated €œcool down€ card before he/she is in trouble
A €œcool down is 10 minutes
A cool down€ may include sitting quietly, drawing, reading, and using the computer for an educational game
After a cool down, must problem solve what he/she was upset about
There are no consequences for a cooperative €œcool down€
Teachers can encourage to take a €œcool down€

If were disrupting the learning of others, he/she would be asked to take a chill out€
A chill out€ will take place in the psychologist'€™s office
A €œchill out€ requires sitting for a minimal period of time (3-5 minutes)
A €œchill out€ may include a written problem-solving sheet
may have teacher assistance when doing the problem-solving sheet
Re-entering class can take place after he/she has demonstrated that he/she is in control of his/her behaviors


will be told that a certain amount of work completion will result in 10 minutes of earned computer time
The computer time is given to after the task is completed
can €œbank up to 30 minutes of computer time
Cooperation during recess will result in a maximum of 5 earned €œtickets€ each ticket = 1 minute free choice activity
can use the tickets at his/her discretion


may fail to earn the opportunity to have:
All of his/her recess minutes (may be €œbenched€ during the first few minutes then may play)
Lunch in the lunchroom
Special activities


If the above interventions are not effective, then the Crisis Intervention Procedure will be followed.


[*]Me - Parent Advocate

[*]12 yo difficult child son Enuresis, Encopresis, Language Learning Disability (LD), Math Learning Disability (LD), Articulation Disorder, Hypothyroidism, mild MR, CP, ADHD, CD, PTSD, Bipolar not otherwise specified with psychotic features, Anxiety Disorder not otherwise specified, Fine and Gross motor delays-in residential.

[*]9 yo easy child son Learning Disability (LD), ADD.

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