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    We had an ARD yesterday and the physician they sent the paperwork to would not sign-off on an OHI label. Now they are sending it to my daughter's psychiatrist instead and reconvening. The concern still lies that she is on probation (see story in general forum under:ARD & test results) for behavior violations. To me, the one that got her on probation isn't even worth probation considering she's a victim of sexual assault within the last 6 months and has anger issues now, etc. Her behaviors mostly only affect herself but they are saying she is disruptive in the classroom. I know that she probably can be to some degree but the teacher sent to the ARD to represent her cluster of teachers fought for her and said that if they could all just come to an agreement on how to manage her (she manages her pretty well) things would be fine. The administrator and school nurse were not very supportive. Two nurses from the district seemed supportive and so did the diagnostician but they don't have the power to keep her from getting removed from the school. My question is, do you think a behavior plan attached to her OHI label will keep her being removed from the school? I don't know how to fight this amicably. My husband works there and I don't want to make things difficult for him there.

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    Any IEP child with behavior issues should have a behavior plan -- no matter what the qualifying category.

    All IEP students are to be educated in the Least Restricted Environment. If the behavior plan is successful, she shouldn't be moved to a more restrictive environment.

    I recommend that you spend some time at in order to learn more about behavior issues and IEPs, positive behavior intervention, manifestation hearings, functional behavior assessments, etc. There are also some threads in the Sp Ed Archives on these issues.

    Also, from the Federal Regs see,regs,300,E,300%2E530, .
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    Thank you for the advice. I need all the help I can get. I'm running out of time. I SO don't want her to get kicked out of this school. She just needs to be able to finish out middle school and then start fresh at the local high school. I feel like if we can get to that point, it will be less stressful on everyone since she really can't be removed from the high school she's zoned to. It's not the best school but at least it's fairly small as far as public school go. I'm going to visit a private school this Wednesday and spoke to the director on the phone. They deal with kids with emotional problems, etc. but I just don't know if we can afford it. So far, the director has agreed to reduced tuition because I'm a teacher but it's still pretty high for us. I'm going to see what else I can do as far as financial aid. I really don't want to put her in a special school though. She'll never be normal is she can't learn to function in a normal setting. Am I wrong???