being interviewed for newspaper and a different sad update

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  1. Mattsmom277

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    My town is finally anticipating our new hospital opening next year. They announced today that the new hospital will have its acute care patient rooms becoming co-ed. A reporter contacted me online to ask to interview me tomorrow regarding why I think this is going to be a difficult policy to enforce (I for one will never stay in a co-ed room).

    On other sad news, my easy child (jessica, 11) lost her pet rat yesterday. He had been under the weather for a few days but seemed to do better day before yesterday. Then yesterday something was obviously not okay although he wasn't struggling visibly. It was obvious though that he was not roaming around or anything. easy child checked on him and he wasn't breathing. She cried all day and all night. Poor kid. RIP His Highness Sir Linus !! :(
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    Aw, I'm so sorry. I hope it wasn't something she blames herself for.

    Sorry about the hospital, too. I hadn't even thought about where pts go ... I know in the ER they have curtains to give you privacy and that's about it.
    But I don't know about longer stays.
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Sending hugs for easy child and her dear Linus. :( We had a pet rat not long ago, too, and she was very dear to all my kids. She lived about 3.5 years, but developed a tumor and it eventually interfered with her breathing. They are such smart and affectionate creatures. If we didn't have our cats, we'd probably get another one.

    I don't think I could stand being in a co-ed hospital room either. Double occupancy rooms are bad enough!
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    I'm so sorry about Linus; Miss KT's rat died over a year ago, and I still think about Cadence when I'm cutting up fruit (cantaloupe was her favorite) or veggies. I always had to send aside what we called the "rodenta girl" portion.

    Hugs to easy child.
  5. barneysmom

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    Wow, co-ed -- forget it!

    So sorry to hear about Sir Linus.
  6. GoingNorth

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    Worse than co-ed two person rooms is the time I was hospitalized in Germany for "female" issues and was put on a co-ed 8 BED ward. I nearly freaked. Care was good, but the nurses were run ragged.

    Germans are much more relaxed about modesty issues and I'm usually pretty relaxed as well, but this was more than I can handle. A LOT of western countries still use wards instead of rooms, and many are co-ed as well.
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    We have either singles (if private insurance covers it). Semi-private for insured and/or patients deemed to require it. Wards (4 beds to a room).

    I can't imagine personally staying in a room with men. I can't imagine it being comfortable for most men either. I also imagine that although it would be a bigger concern than a reality, eventually there will be incidents of inappropriate conversations or advances etc. I also know that there are stories from most nurses of male patients (especially elderly, I've heard some doozies!) exposing themselves etc. Not comfortable for nurses but those dynamos usually know how to put these patients in their place. Not so much for patients sharing a room, particularly women. Wards and semi private rooms also share a bathroom and since hospital bathrooms can't lock for safety purposes, I can't imagine showering and whatnot in a shared bathroom with a male. Just can't.

    easy child is still struggling about her pet. Linus was such a cool little guy. :( The cat turned out to be his bestest friend, and is completely lost, wondering around meowing and looking for his buddy.