Best price for tires? Any idea?

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  1. Star*

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    I'm looking for 4 tires..No one has any used. AND thanks to the advice I got from here last time from (I believe Going North) I knew how to look at a used set yesterday and tell the guy - that his tires were NOT "BRAND NEW"- they were six years old and probably had something WRONG with them. In this economy - NO ONE - sells tires that they bought, put on a car and drove on for 'just a little bit' and then took off to sell at a discount of $150.00 for me because they were trying to do me a favor. (yeah right) Especially when the conversation started off with - I support 12 kids, then later he said seven and eventually he said five. SO yeah - no trustworthy. Then every call the guy made to see if he could give me a better deal was made walking around a corner???? I don't think so - DF was like "I think we should take it." I said "I think he's like YOUR SON before he got religion." - THAT made DF get in the van.

    SO if you know of the best place for tires - 235 75 R15 - SO far it's walmart for middle of the - okay end of the line tires? Let me know. Right now it's about $450 mounting and balancing. I'd appreciate any info if you've seen a sale. Thanks. People here want 20 a tire to swap it out one time - so if I had the rubber they'd want 80.00

    THanks -
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    I found Sam's club even better than Walmart one year...even though they are connected, I suppose other club stores like that might be worth a try??
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    Tire Discounters if you have one. I think that is what it's called. They are the cheapest around here and far far better than walmart. sister in law sent me to them.

    I got their best set (now I have a car though) of 4 Michelin (no clue how to spell the marshmallow man kind) on sale for a really great price including them putting them on and balancing them PLUS a lifetime guarantee. (last part cost a little more but any holes get patched for free......and they tow me for free to do it) Because they were on sale, it didn't cost me but a teeny bit more than their cheapest set. sister in law goes online to see what they have on sale before he heads to the store.......and sometimes they're employees will give you a heads up when a sale is coming up if you can hold off that long. Although it's a franchise, many are Mom & Pop owned, ours is and they give excellent service.

    Just don't go to wallie world. I did out of desperation once......never again.
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    I got my last set at Tire Kingdom. They matched the Walmart price. They sometimes run buy3 get one free sales. Don't know about now. they also have their own credit card and you get rebate deals with that.
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    Costco or try Sears
  6. everywoman

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    My son used an online deal site---can't remember which one now. They shipped to your area to a place where they installed. I'll try and get the name of the site.
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    Do you have any honest family owned repair shops in the area? I'd give them a call and see what they can do for you.
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    Star, I've got a lot of knowledge about tires. It's right up my alley. My dad taught me well on this and I've had to buy tires thruogh out the years. I did a search for you and came up with some information, specific to your direct area (using your zip). I'm sooo excited for you! I actually started calling places after searching because gosh darn it I LIKE deals, as you know.

    SO...I looked at tires as I know to. First the brand, whether it's good. The tread, will it last, what is the rating, what is the mileage warranty (you want at least a 60,000 to hold up, the more the better!). Then the road conditions it's good in. Since you are in SC really an all season with good wet traction will matter the most as well as a comfortable ride (you know like road noise- some make a god awful hum when you are going down the road). Anyway, there is a bit more to it as well.

    I called and started asking comparing 2 I found that were withing the limits I wanted and was shooting for for you. My goal was a 70,000 and I found it and a lower price (out the door) then you have listed that you found and it's a very good brand (although you might not be familiar with it). I'll PM you the information to the place and the price.
  9. ThreeShadows

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    this is three shadows difficult child 1 i work at a tire store called MR. Tire and every so often we have a sale going on. but honestly i would say do your research and find the lowest possible price online and print it off. in doing this you can take it into a store and they will most likely price match or try and beat the price so they get your business. That's what we do. but it has to be the same tire that they stock. online stores such as or have really good deals on tires. the issue with buying used tires (like you found out) is honesty. the best way to see how old a tire is, is by looking at the DOT # it is on the side of the tire (may not be on both sides). the last 4 digits of the dot (DOT#-xxx-xxx-0412) the way to read that is 04-12 that is the 4th week of the year 2012. that will tell you the age. also take a tread depth gauge (bought at any auto parts store) to measure the depth ideal tread depth is between 5 and 10 32nd of an inch. anything bellow that is JUNK. there are places that deal in used tires that are good but im not sure what they are down south. if you have any other questions ask my mom and she will get to me and i will do my best to help further. good luck and my mom says she loves you.
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    Star... just WHERE were you looking for used tires? Because... sometimes autowreckers keep the "good" tires off of wrecks, and sell those at not a bad price... they don't keep the bald ones ... You have to sort through a pile and find your own matches... but... maybe?
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    Well I think you just got some help! I was going to go out and hunt down at my used tires place on Saturday for you but if you got what you wanted you are good to go...I also dont know exactly how you would get the tires put on if I bought you
  12. susiestar

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    Wish you were closer because we have a car that I think has those tires and we are getting ready to have the salvage yard come and get it. It hasn't run n 4 yrs and died right after we put brand new tires on it. They ahve been in the yard on it, but not hardly driven on. They don't fit our cars though or we would keep them. I so wish you were closer.
  13. Star*

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    Well SUSIE - I'll telll you WHAT -----if THAT is the size tires?????? Take that car somewhere and GET those tires OFF and sell them on Craigslist for $300 bucks - and scrap the car for around (I think salvage shred metal whole is $12.75 a ton) -you do the math. I got $475 for an SUV. WITH go figure - and THOSE tires are NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to find used - BECAUSE --------people that have that size are driving on them until they are BALD. Because they can't find them. AND the Salvage yard used the forks to LIFT the thing off the trailer. Whomever you get to buy it - tell them - YOU WANT THE TIRES......BACK.
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911

    THANK YOU ALL SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The knowledge here just astounds me - and having ABSOLUTLEY ZERO about tires? I asked DF if he would mind if I "asked the girls on the board" to see what they knew. When I came to him last night with the information you ALL had - it really blew him away. He and a friend had called around to a few places and didn't come NEAR to what YOU DID. (SOOOOOOO) We're going to a place here called FRANKS - I'll tell you about it in a little bit.

    I printed out the discounttires direct deal - just in case - and they actually tried to downsell me today - but Thanks to Tia - (AND EVERYONE ELSE_

    We're getting 4 70,000 mile with lifetime warranty rotation and somethign else - mounted and balanced for $435 - flat. (not a good term to use with tires there dude) -

    And we couldn't make it to the store across town that had them - but think we can get to the one that's 5 miles closer to us - so we're on our way - (GOOD VIBES)))) whap whap whap ----ROFLMAO. YOu'd have to hear this van - OMG. SNort.'s life in the ghetto. The ones that are ON there? I think we're going to bring home and just hang on to......NO JOKE - hey they were good enough for us maybe if someone like us gets into a pickle we have SOMETHING to offer.....not anythign GREAT - 13 year old dry rot for free is better than $55 for 1/2 tread....


    I really love you guys!
  15. Star*

    Star* call 911

    WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    fRANKS WAS ABSOLUTELY A BLAST!!! They were fast, courteous, and we have four very nice 70k tires, that are heavy duty. The squeek noise? (OH DF IS SO ANGRY) -----remember about 8 weeks back when I got 2 flats on my way to the unemployment office and stopped and got a local place to swap them out? Cost a pretty penny - but the guy that did the back tire??? NEVER TIGHTENED THE LUG NUTS. I've been driving around with progressively loose lug nuts. To add insult to it? I've stopped at two tire places and asked them to look AT THAT WHEEL and both places did - and NEVER checked the lug nuts. DF is on the war path. He's not able to kneel down due to his knee - and back - so he depended on those guys. He's hot.

    But on a lighter note? The van is running great. :wootsmiley:

    THANK YOU AGAIN _ EVERYONE (GROUP HUG) :Grouphug: for all your help.
  16. Hound dog

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    That lug nut issue is why I will never again let walmart do my car. Not for tires. Not for anything. I don't care how cheap they are, sometimes cheapest is too cheap. Mine were tightened ok, husband checked them. But sister in law's friend went there to get new tires.......he was driving down the road when the tires were suddenly not there. It was not pretty. Scared the living daylights out of him and caused an accident. So yeah. I want cheap, but I want someone who's rep is good by many folks before I use them. Guy who did my exhaust system is a retired gentleman, a farmer who was a mechanic as a young man both to be able to keep his equipment going and for side jobs when times were tough as they are now. You can't get cheaper, AND he does them the old way if he can with good old fashioned soldering steel to steel. He won't even consider changing out an exhaust system he can repair. Yes, sister in law could do it for me just as cheap.....well ok a bit cheaper because he wouldn't charge me labor.....but as ace a mechanic as he is, even he says this guy is the best when it comes to exhausts.

    Before the last set of tires, I never dreamed you could get a warranty on them or that someone would actually tow you back in to have them replaced.
  17. Star*

    Star* call 911

    The place that Three Shadows difficult child suggested DOES have EXCELLENT prices on tires. I looked - and they take 3-5 days to ship directly to your house. Their prices are really great. Some offered rebates, and they have a zip code calculator to tell you where you can get them mounted once you get them delivered. ( I have a van so getting them to a place wouldn't have been a problem) But then you have to consider disposal fee, and mounting and balancing, and stem - so by the time all that was added in? The place TIA found was better for us and all included, plus they told us that our tires were NOT fit to give to anyone. I thought maybe someone could use them, but they were very honest and said they were death waiting to happen. I couldn't have that on my mind. They took the best one - and swapped it out with the spare that was really really bad and when we get more flush we'll order a new one, and their alignments were only $64.00 -

    Everything was lifetime warranty - and roadside assistance for flats. AMAZING. Just the service was outstaning. And they knew their tires....not like YOU girls........but they were impressed with YOUR knowledge that I had written on my handy dandy notebook. ROFL.
  18. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    I have to say that I am extremely proud that my once " unreachable son" reached out to you because I told him that you are a wonderful lady. He was coherent and knew his stuff. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! What a difference from when he was in school!
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    Star's got wheels!!!
  20. DammitJanet

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    Im impressed. We have used Pep Boys with luck. I wont use Walmart either. I have thought about using those online sites and may in the future. My issue is we normally do the two fronts and then swap them to the back to keep every thing rotating.