Beware all! Borderline (BPD) sister is spying on me and admitted it on another site and says I'm lying.


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Interesting that she thinks so and I'm not surprised. Her reality is so skewed. She says I was arrested for pullilng a knife on STBX? Um, you don't WHat an imagination. How sick of her to write that. What soon to be X? She said I did horrible things to her and everyone else. WEll, I believe she thinks so. And that's ok. What isn't ok is she said she messaged the moderator about me but got no answer. I thought this place was safe, but guess anyone can read it, just as I read her post on her site. I wonder how she justifies not having Borderline (BPD) yet coming her to spy all the time? LOL. I went there once and I'm done. It was interesting though. SHe is still with abusive boyfriend, whom she never cuts off, and is posting about me.

Due to this, Cedar, I am not going to be posting much about family-of-origin (or DNA collection) anymore. She is Borderline (BPD). SHe will continue to read my sites. She can not let go. She is going to twist what happened to make herself out to be t he good guy. THe one who wouldn't invite bro to her wedding because he was ugly. THe one who dumped our grandma until a few years before she died. The one who called the police on me over and over again. The one with anorexia. I'm so surprised still...I hope she does read this and know how it felt to be at the other end of her abuse.

But I knew she wasn't healthy. Been being told that by psychiatrists/therapists for years and years. None of us are really healthy. I am trying to get there and am at peace with myself now and not engaging toxic people. She still is. Boyfriend. Ugh. He is so horrible to her.

Bet she'll try to post here to defend herself and trash me.

Ok, just a warning. Be careful. If you have dysfunctional people in your family, they can spy on you here.

I am not quite sure why Sis feels the need to stalk me, but jealous...??? I do have a loving husband and good kids. She has good kids too. I don't know how close to them she is.

With that, I need to know how I can change my identity for this site. Runaway, could you help me please? I will also have to change much of my personal info.

I hope you all take this seriously, if you care. I am sure I don't care as much as most of you.

Oh. Sister has decided I'm "extreme" Borderline (BPD)/NPD. Funny. Nobody else with a degree ever diagnosed that. That's sort of like what she is like. I suspect a professional would find she has both and more. You don't spy on your sister's posts to the degree that she said she did if you are normal. I stopped posting on FB because of things like this. You can get around blocks and I know that (sigh).

Watch yourself. Watch what you say.

I don't know why I felt like checking that site today, but something made me think it was a good time to see what she was up to. I thank God I did. This would have gone on forever if not (shudder). Creepy to think of being stalked by SIs. But...that says it all.

Cheryl, can you help me with making changes please?
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