Big day today

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Nov 22, 2011.

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    I get to drive 2 hours, pay off difficult child's restitution that I've been paying (nearly 4000 after already paying almost 1000 for something else) for an offense 5 1/2 years ago, have a mammo, a gyn exam, and see if PO sticks to calling me for a conference call with difficult child's MH rep in Department of Juvenile Justice, and if so, if I even have a chance to ask if they have difficult child's MH records they obtained when he went into Department of Juvenile Justice with on his first commitment or are they just starting from scratch based on what difficult child is telling them, then drive 2 hours back.
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    Oh my goodness.

    Be careful - and good luck!!!
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    I'll be thinking about you all day. Good luck and stay safe!
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    Good Luck and safe travels for your busy day. It must feel really good to pay off those fines.
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    Sure you can't schedule a root canal or waxing, too? :-/ Sorry your day is packed with stress. Hope it all works out.
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    at least you'll get it all over with at once, maybe tomorrow could be a 'me' day?
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    Wow, busy, busy day. Here's hoping it all goes smoothly with as less stress as possible!
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    LOL, M! I was thinking "I hope PO doesn't call in the middle of a pap smear- oh well wouldn't that be ironic"? Anyway, PO didn't call at all so I don't know if it was rescheduled again or if I have now been officially cut out of difficult child's treatment meetings. I assume PO is looking at it like if difficult child is going to group home, the re-entry is the one who fills my shoes, I don't know. I guess difficult child and I will be the last to learn his diagnosis. It's a little funny to me that no one seems to be the least bit curious about difficult child's MH hx prior to this commitment. PO sure would have no way to know. And the evaluation difficult child requested this past summer- he said the contracted psychiatrist arrived for a 15 min appointment, asked difficult child what was going on and if he'd ever had a diagnosis before, difficult child told him BiPolar (BP) but we weren't sure if it was correct, psychiatrist asked about medications, difficult child told him he couldn't take anti-depressants because they make him crazy so he'd been on a lot of different kinds of MSs for several years and couldn't remember any of the names; psychiatrist wrote a rx for depakote and sent him on his way. Gee, how thorough. A kid in Department of Juvenile Justice can walk in and tell them anything and they never call the parent to validate it, find out hx, anything.

    Yep- restitution is now paid and that cut the last requirement owed to the old jurisdiction. TG! I should have put that it had been owed for 4 1/2 years, instead of 5 1/2, though.

    I love the medication center there. I arrived at it at 11:15. I left at 1:35. Here''s what I got done in that amount of time and in one building: changed address for their files, checked on rx for allergy medications and pharmacy said I could just pick them up later today, had mammo, checked on some lab thingy I got in the mail and they explained that then they also noticed my primary care dr had put in for blood test (cholesterol and blood count) so they went ahead and drew the blood, I ate lunch, took a break and chatted with a few people, picked up the allergy medications, went over to women's section at 12:55 to see if they could get me in early for my 1:30 appointment and they took me right then since the 1:00 appointment hadn't shown up yet, got my 'real' therapy from the female gyn there who knows difficult child/my hx and KNOWS I suffer from PTSD so she talks to me about it while she's giving me a pap. And I was done at 1:30- the other 5 mins was getting to my car. How's that for efficiency? That's why it's worth it to me to drive the distance, along with being assured that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.

    by the way- she suggested I not bring difficult child home and let him age out of the system. She said they had a lady who used to come there who had a son in a psychiatric hospital for similar stuff and people tried to talk her out of taking the risk of bringing him home. She brought him home anyway, because, well, she's a mom, etc, and the husband came home from work one day shortly afterwards to find that the son had beaten his mom to death with a piece of wood in their kitchen. Wow. And she said something that sticks in my mind- after telling me this story she turned to me and commented, "you know how it is, when there's mental illness involved, the kid turns on the people who love him most first, when it's not mental illness, it's usually the other way around". Now she's a very knowledgable lady about Department of Juvenile Justice, the system, as a dr, etc, but she's not a MH prof. Still, I can't help but wonder if there's a lot of truth in her statement.