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    husband had unemployemnt until the job as an adjunct professor last semester when he was helping a prof at the university with teaching a class. Since that ended things have been super tight. He just spoke to someone at unemployment and this kicks him back as newly unemployed! So he starts at tier 1, not at 3 or 4, which will be a HUGE help!

    I also thought we had been turned down for medicaid for the kids because the income was a few $$ higher than the cutoff. Didn't seem like it could be true, but couldn't explain why each time I called they said that the kids didn't have benefits. Has been hugely stressful.

    Someone FINALLy explained to husband that they did not receive the paperwork I mailed. We normally don't mail things because service is NOT reliable at ALL. I don't know why, except maybe our mail carrier is to blame. i actually had mailed this one from here by leaving it for the carrier because husband was working so many hours at the bookstore as a temp back then. But we were not turned down, we hadn't been processed at all. So that should be active in a few days also - another HUGE relief!!

    I cannot express how relieved we are, but I am sure you can understand. It has been so hard to try to get all the things we need on so little $$. But relief is in sight - YIPPEE!!

    Now if I could actually get disability. Been turned down twice - this last time they say I am not even eligible to file because they took too long to process the paperwork and now some deadline has passed. They even said it is clearly NOT my fault as I got everything done in time, but budget cuts meant staff cuts and now the deadline is passed and there is "nothing they can do". So far the lawyers I have spoken to say that it isn't right or fair but is how it works. At 41 there was "little chance" of approval, say the lawyers regardless of my health. I will keep plugging and husband is still looking hard for work. So we keep praying and hoping!
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    See if you can get someone to put the "not your fault" in writing, LOL - CYA!

    As for the other stuff -:choir:
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    Fingers crossed. DDD
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    Wow- that's great news! I'm sure are are relieved and I hope things get even better soon for you all- it is soooo hard right now just to maintain at a survival level, as you know.
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    Susie....Glad husband got some good news.

    I have a feeling I know what the problem is with disability. When was the last time you actually worked? If I am correct it has been some time ago. I also have a feeling that you have let your time limits lapse for applying for reconsideration or appealing those denials. If you havent worked in so much time or built in so many units in the past I cant remember the exact number of quarters, then you dont have the benefits available to receive SSDI. You would only be eligible for SSI which is income based. While both programs do use the same criteria for deciding if a person is disabled, the difference is the income based problem. SSDI is not income based while SSI is.

    If they decide you are disabled but would only get SSI, and your family income is over the gross income limit at the time, you are not eligible. Now that your husband isnt working, you may be eligible but once husband is working again you may lose it or it could go down to a very low amount depending on his income. However, they do count off an amount per child and give him a deduction for his being in the home and working. You would also get medicaid.

    I would try again just in case. You could always separate. I will be honest and tell you that this is one of the main reasons that Tony and I have never married. We knew in the back of our minds that at some time in the future that being single would come in handy. I heard too many horror stories about how people got messed up later in life with SS. At least we will each have our own checks and not have one combined.