Biodentical medications

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    I know before there was a discussion of this. My sister in law and brother are flying out next week to see the guy in California who wrote the book. She has been having a hard time lately and I was wondering if anyone had tried this.
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    I have not tried this, but have a friend who has had terrific success. K had trouble every period from the first one. She would even try not to breathe that week because even that hurt terribly. She was given all kinds of medications and nothing helped.

    After her third child was born she ended up with a hysterectomy. Since she was in her early 30s she went on HRT. It was a disaster (the HRT) and she felt horrible. She finally found a doctor who used bioidentical hormones compounded specifically for her. It was not cheap, nor did insurance cover it. But it was less than all the other medications she had been taking to deal with the symptoms. The new medication was in a cream and she was able to go off of ALL the other medications due to it.

    So if nothing else works, this just might be the ticket to feeling good. I would try it if that were my problem.
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    I have used bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for the last three years. I go to a gynecologist that specializes in treating menopause. He is convinced that the original study that showed HRT was dangerous was flawed as it consisted of older women ( 60's & 70's) and was based on synthetic hormones.

    His research (and that of others) has shown that bioidentical HRT has benefits that outweigh the risks. So far, I have been happy with it.

    My insurance company pays for the specially compounded progesterone. It also pays for my estrodiol patch. The only hassle is that I have to go to a special compounding pharmacy for the progesterone that is farther away than my usual Kroger pharmacy.

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    AFter a difficult time with surgically induced menopause....I have tried every kind of HRT the doctor could think of. No relief from any. I was referred to another doctor that specializes in Bioidentical. After blood work and a lengthy discussion I have the medication made. And it is made especially for what I am lacking.

    It is a lotion. Atleast mine is. 1/8 tsp in the morning and 1/8 in evening. They are different. One has progesterine, one has tostosterine (sp?) I have been on it for about 5 weeks. He said 8 - 12 weeks before a noticable differerence.

    Both my older sisters take it also (live in different state). One has been on it a few years and said she feels better, has more energy than she has in many years. The other sister started a few months ago. She is absolutely amazed that she can sleep more than 3 hours now. She said she actually slept fo 8 hours.

    I have only heard good things since it is made for you and what hormones you are missing. My insurance picked up everything. I do not feel as moody, however school is out so we'll have to see next fall. My hours have changed at work so my life has been totally flip flopped. I'll don't know when to sleep - when to eat....Need time to adjust. Hot flashes are noticably less frequent but still there.

    I'll let you know in the fall how it goes. Once school starts. That is the stressful, meltdown time.
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    I wish her the best with her trip and please do report her findings.