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  1. Hound dog

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    Nichole said she was watching a documentary where something called megavitamining is used to treat bipolar. She was wondering if anyone here has ever heard of it or attempted it. Seems they focus on the B vitamins, irritates me because they claim you can't od on them which is NOT true.

    Now, being Mom, I worry. I'm trying not to. But she had post parteum depression pretty severe with Aubrey. It's possible she's having issues with it again. She's not said so, but it's a possibility. She's also suffering from lack of sleep, which is typical with a newborn.

    I told her only think I'd think of this doing is to up energy levels, which is not really treating the just makes for an energetic depressed person.

    I promised I'd ask though, so here I am, asking.
  2. keista

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    I've taken mega doses of B with an Omega 3 and never saw any difference in depression symptoms. It did (along with Welbutrin) help me survive vacation with my sister. IOW It helped me manage stress. If I manage my stress well, major depressive episodes stay away. Welbutrin, alone does nothing for stress/anxiety, so when things get dicey, even with the Welbutrin, I'm still prone to "pity party" depressive episodes (about a day or so - not weeks)

    Treating bipolar? Well, since bipolar is a spectrum disorder, I can totally see it helping for the very milder cases, but not really treating it, just managing it and keeping it on the mild side so it doesn't escalate and it's "livable" Unfortunately, that's a very subjective statement. What I consider "livable" might be rock bottom to someone else.

    I really hate these "natural cure" claims. I still come across parents who want to 'cure' their Autistic kids with that crazy diet, but haven't figured out how to get those kids to eat that diet. they keep putting all of their energies into that instead of practical interventions. <~~~~~~~~ sorry, had to rant.

    Anyway, do I think a mega dose of B complex is helpful? YES!
    Can you overdose on Bs? YES (they discovered you can overdose on Cs and water too!)
    Is it a cure? ABSOLUTELY NOT
    First line of attack? Definitely. First, it won't hurt, and second, nutritional imbalances can certainly cause depressive symptoms.
    How long? I say give it two weeks. If you don't feel 100% or better then you need medical help. Feeling 'a little' better means just that - you're not 100% - and that's not good enough to ignore additional medication support.
  3. SomewhereOutThere

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    I have something called mood disorder not otherwise specified, which used to be called bipolar II. I have tried every diet, vitamin regiment, and herbal remedy under the sun to try to treat my mood disorder. Truly, the only way I have been able to live a normal life is with my two medications. I like to do a lot of exercise along with taking medications because that has been proven to also help depression, which I have suffered from most of my life.

    I am not a big fan of natural remedies because none ever made one wit of difference with me. Maybe they help people who are only a little bit depressed, rather than a major clinical depression...And along the lines of vitamin overdoes...I once ended up in ER with a horrible reaction to too much Niacin. You have to be careful of everything, even vitamins and herbs.

    Kiesta, I'm right there with you on the autistic diet cures. I know autistic kids on gluten free diets and they seem no better then the kids who aren't. When the kids get older, they're just going to cheat on the diets anyway. I am with you...practical interventions.
  4. Nomad

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    There's been a vitamin co. out there for years that has for the most part claimed to be able to greatly help with bipolar illness. While I do believe vitamins can help, I'm not convinced that there would ever be a routine that would cure or adequately halt symptoms of bipolar illness. on the other hand, I do believe that vitamins can make a big difference with mild depression. So, perhaps in the mildest forms of bipolar illness it is somewhat possible.
    We gave our difficult child a mega dosage of the Bs once and it seem to make her a little manic.
    I know that many of my friends have gotten benefit from the B's, d3 and fish oil in combination to treat mild depession.
  5. DammitJanet

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    If there was a cure for bipolar it would be shouted from every rooftop and handed out on every corner free.

    I havent heard about the B's helping with anything but some energy but I do known that D can help with all kinds of things and the omega's are really good brain food.
  6. InsaneCdn

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    My "old" MD put it this way...

    If the problem (whatever list of symptoms) is caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency, AND the damage is not permanent (vision loss due to lack of vitamin D, for example, may not be reversable)...
    THEN treatment with vitamins/minerals is probably going to work, and in most cases would be the right solution.

    Otherwise? depending on the dosages involved, its either useless, or harmful.

    My take is... if the dosages are low enough to not risk harm, then its worth trying.

    I've seen some non-medical solutions work well - but only in specific situations.
  7. Hound dog

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    Pretty much what I figured.

    The B's are good for energy mostly, helps a tad with memory too. Some people may actually find that they're tired and listless due to a deficiency and therefore the vitamins work to some degree. I have a Folic acid or B6 deficiency, and trust me there are days when crawling out of bed is a feat unto itself........this is WITH prescription strength. If you have any real deficiency OTC strength isn't going to do much and if you're needing to go over that amount best to have your doctor write you a script and watch blood levels.

    Like I said, not sure if this is just curiosity or postpartum depression going on. I'll have to talk with her more. Usually when Nichole asks such pointed questions, there is something going on. And heaven forbid if she starts getting moody her husband is all over the bipolar junk, whether it has anything to do with it or not.

    Thanks for the input.
  8. TerryJ2

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    I just read an article in Scientific American Mind that touted the use of Omega 3 for psychosis, but with-the caveat that it is used in conjunction with-antipsychotic medications and cognitive therapy.
    I've noticed that it's always used in conjunction with-medications, regardless of the diagnosis. Don't know if that's to avoid legal liability or if it is just more effective when used that way.
  9. crazymama30

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    Bipolar is on a spectrum, and if someone was low enough on the spectrum, maybe it would help. B Vitamins??? Never heard of that, along with the others I have heard of the omegas and vit D thing.

    in my humble opinion? If she is not getting enough sleep, ding ding ding ding ding! With both difficult child and S2BX, that was a major trigger. Plus all the hormone stuff she is going through having just given birth.