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    One of daughter's biggest things right now is biting. It's not regular, I'm mad so I bite, it's clenching down until you bleed, and having to literally pry her jaws apart to get her off her brothers. husband says it's like a primal rage. She starts to shake and can'the catch her breath when she gets like that. She got DS1 real good tonight right on his lower back. I'm worried about sending him to his daycare program tomorrow because of it. They know shes got "behavior issues" but they feel it's just because shes not around other kids enough. THIS is why we dont let her around other kids! Euggg CPS being called is my biggest fear :-(
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    there is a little trick... you can quickly rub your finger under her nose...dont prepare her for it just quickly go and rub back and forth under it.....they teach that in CPI classes for safe restraint, de-escalation of behaviors etc.... (I haven't had to test the theory, LOL but every time I am certified they say it is true)
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    I know this is controversial but what worked for my kids was my boys simply bit the other one back and that stopped it cold. I dont think the biter actually realized that what they were doing was hurting so badly until it happened back to them so when their brother bit back, they figured out they didnt want it to happen again and that behavior went away.
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    I missed the last line for some reason. CPS would NEVER do anything about one kid (a preschool kid with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)) biting another once (or even a few times) or they would be going to every house in the country with more than one kid. It would be a pattern of intensive bites with a child who is receiving many bites and the family has no ability to show they are working on anything etc... NOW, if DS said MOM and DAD are biting him then as mandated reporters they would have to call and some DHS workers may come and visit but you still would not lose kids... a report, maybe....but it is legally private.... making sure people have services, etc... maybe.....but it would be dropped after time. (unelss you really were abusive of course).

    My son told a teacher I scratched him during a restraint. They called dhs and big deal, I said come on over.... of course they saw how we were set up and the multitude of services I had arranged for him and it is well documented that he has aggression at times so??? Nothing they could do but say keep up the good work. They kept the report on file for six months then I got a letter that it was being dismissed.
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    another safe way to stop the biting is push whatever that is being bitten deeper into their mouth, you just keep pushing it further until they let go, it does work.