Black and blue ... and the answer is...


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Phone rings.

Me: Hello?

thank you: Momrealquickquestionsincewedon'thaveschoolnextweekcan(staff person)dyemyhair?

Me: (Nonplussed) Uh.... what color? (Silly me)

thank you: Black and blue.

:surprise: :hammer: :surprise: :hammer: :surprise: :faint:

A sign of progress - I explained that this has been the Monday to beat all Mondays and he doesn't want me to even contemplate it right now. He was perfectly fine - seems to be moving past that instant gratification thing *finally*.

Me: Can I just survive the day and then think about it?

thank you: Sure, Mom. I'll call you in 2 days. Love you.


I honestly have just this completely consuming feeling of overwhelming love for this kid at the moment. I mean, I always love him, but.... you just gotta love a kid who calls on a miserable Monday to ask a question like this. Bless his heart.

Have no idea what the answer will be, LOL! :rofl:


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Well, he certainly added a good belly laugh to your day, huh?

:rofl: :rofl:

At least he called and asked first. I came home from school today to find that Nichole (who's always had long beautiful dark brown hair) has cut her hair all off!! :nonono:

I know she's just about 18, but I swear that urg to reach out and strangle her nearly got the best of me. :rofl:

Now that I've had a few hours to get used to it, yes it's an adorable cut.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #990000"> i gave up the battle of hair color years ago. you may remember my post about jarrod attempting to go red. he ended up with-bozo the clown read & couldn't work for a week. he has not repeated this particular experiment since.

fortunately both sarah's jobs require only natural hair colors tho in truth if the job allowed it i'd let her do whatever.

</span> </span> </span>

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It is great he asked and was willing to wait for an answer!!

I can't wait to hear what your answer will be!!

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I'm loving difficult children restraint. The fact that thank you even asked is incredible in my humble opinion!

Personally, if I had to choose to look at a hair color, I'd advise purple or red. Why is thank you being so tame??? :smile:


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This brings back some laughs. When difficult child was in middle school he let some older difficult child's talk him into dying his frosted blonde hair pink. It was not pretty. (He naturally have very dark brown hair). He refused to go to school with pink hair. I had to bleach it platinum to get the pink out---boy did that look weird!


Progress! Nice.

My former sister in law used to color her hair with koolaid. It was always interesting.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
When K was 4 she got it in her head that she wanted her hair pink... I never figured out where she got it from. I asked her why she said she just wanted pink hair.
I said maybe. 4 months later she was still asking... so during the summer I colored her hair pink!!!
It was actually really cute!!! She loved it. Most people loved it, of course some made comments... how could I???

She hasn't asked again.


Lol. I was against any peircings, tatoo's and hair dye. I was very strict with easy child....(until difficult child came along.not worth the fight)
easy child never argued, raised his voice. Laid back easy going kid. Lots of friends. Came home one day with RED hair, only to turn PINK. They first bleached his dark brown hair completely, then dyed it. After that grew out, he went BLUE. Senior Prom pictures, Blue hair. I almost died.
18th B-day he got ear peirced. Then went away to college!! Came back with tongue and chin peirced. AND BALD. Razor bald.
(and of course about 50 pounds heavier which does not go well with BALD). He then let his chin heal up and grew his hair half way down his back. Always wore it in a ponytail though.
Now at 24 normal color hair. Very short. Works out daily at health club. Lost most of his excess weight. No tatoo's, only tongue and ear peirced. (enought for me)
Not as strict with difficult child. Like I said, just not worth the fight. If he wants his hair long..go for it. I just don't care. Must be clean and out of eyes. If he wants it shaved..even better. color..nope. Beautiful dark, dark brown hair with brown eyes. Sometimes his hair shines with a tint of redness in it. Kids have offered him money and charity(school charity events) to shave his head. He got each teacher to pledge $50, and kids said they would pledge too if he shaved his head.(too bad it wasn't pocket money, he would of done it). He did not do it.

Can't wait to see your answer.


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Wow - he really stayed calm AND stayed excited about the prospect of you saying yes. Black and Blue, huh? Will it be in streaks?


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I'm still just tickled over this. thank you has come so far.

husband and I talked about it last night. Surprisingly, husband is being very mellow about it. Our first seriously *major* argument was over our children having purple hair, and we didn't even have kids at the time. The "compromise" at that time was that as long as the kid had a decent attitude, good grades, and was otherwise generally appropriate, hair color would be negotiable. So husband wants it tied into something - grades, probably. But it's kinda late to tie it into grades since the quarter is almost over.

The other big factor here is once he moves (still waiting on confirmation of that), he will be getting his entire SSI check to do as he pleases for the most part. So I'm sure that if he wants to go buy the colors of the rainbow for his head, he will. It would be nice (I selfishly say) to have a last chance to say "yes" to something thank you really wants to do and that really isn't important in the grand scheme of things. And since there's an adult involved, hopefully it won't be too much of a disaster.

I'm going to run it by his therapist and if she's cool with- it, we'll say yes.

It's taken me years to convince him that a shaved head is not a good look for him (he has a wicked widow's peak). He has this beautiful chocolate brown hair, very fine, currently "styled" into something resembling a sheep dog. The mommy in me cringes at the thought of black and blue (and you just *know* that subtlety will have nothing to do with- his head, LOL) but... I can live with- it given his stellar progress overall. And there's always a chance that the blue streaks will bring out his sky blue eyes (if the mop of hair would just get out of the way!!!).

My parents will just die!! :smile:

It's such a remarkably pleasant change to have something so trivial come up and to have him call *first*. My optimism for thank you's potential continues to balloon and for the first time in a very long time, I'm starting to let my guard down just a bit - maybe there's not another meltdown waiting around the corning.

I'll post a picture when/if he's done the deed so you can all admire his "do", LOL!


Such a good outlook. Hope it all works out. I bet he will be thrilled to have your approval!


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Adding my amazement that he waited and called to ask you! During difficult child's recent inpatient stay, he had the girl practically shave his hair all off - I had no warning - went to visit the following day and in he strolls - :surprise: Not a great look for difficult child, but . . . I figure in the grand scheme of things, not the end of the world, either. It's been more than a month now and it's just beginning to grow in - could use a trim right around his ears, but other than that, it's still amazingly short.

I remember once when I was in high school in 80's (remember THAT era???), I wanted an inch of my very dark hair dyed blonde - it was the bottom inch in the back. :hammer: I have NO idea what possessed me to want it, but my mother actually bought the stuff and did it for me. Wish I had a snapshot of that particular look - I'd scan and post it, but I can't remember ever seeing a picture of it. Too bad, though.

I think you made the right call - it's really not worth the fight, is it? And, changing your hair is such a temporary thing, and yet it can make you feel totally different about things. Good for thank you and good for you! :wink:

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It is so cool that he asked and was able to wait for your response.

I never had a problem with dyed hair - both daughter's have always played around with color. For easy child that meant going blonder and blonder till it was the color or really pale gold. It looked nice in summer with her tan, but in winter she looked washed out. Now, thankfully, she keeps her natural brown with blonde highlights. difficult child always wanted reddish/pink streaks. We played with it at home but it usually failed. Finally, with her own money I allowed her to have it done professionally. They bleached her hair then added the bright fuscia streaks. It looked funky and cute, but then after about 3 weeks it washed out and she had white streaks - not so cute or funky. She went back and had it touched up. Finally, it grew out, she had it cut. Now she sticks with her naturally very dark brown hair and has really pretty caramel highlights put in. She looks all grown up. It's nice.

I like that you're going to let him play with this. It's only hair after all. lol-