Blog about Drugs and Kids that made me crack up!

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    It is kind of twisted, but the lady who wrote this came up with her own "definitions" of various drugs. her child (early elementary age) came home with a DARE sticker and told ehr that if someone offers her drugs she is going to say "NO" and give them a hug.

    Not what I want MY kids to do with a drug dealer, Know what I mean?? Esp not at that age!

    When seh asked her kid what drugs are, she wasn't sure but thought they were like teddy bears but smaller.

    Being rather appalled at the lack of "quality" information about drugs seh came up with her own "descriptions" of what cocaine, crack, marijuana and heroin are. These are what set me to laughing - that and the look onWiz' face if I told him these with a straight face.

    I can say that they would put many little kids off the idea of drugs for quite a while, but what they would think when they realized you lied is another story.

    Good for a laugh at her descriptions though!

    I do think it is unwise to tell children to say No and give the dealer a hug if they are offered drugs. Incredibly foolish advice, actually. About as realistic as "Just Say No" is.

    enjoy the blog
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    Okay, I had to post that on Facebook - that was hilarious!!!!!!!