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    Not sure which forum to post this in but can anyone recommend a boarding school or how to go about finding a boarding school?
    As I'm sure you know they are SO expensive but my difficult child has to leave our home. Not immediately but we need to find a place. He's beyond my control and he knows it.
    Do you ever find that insurance pays?
    Someone told me if the school can't help him I can request they send him to a boarding school and they will have to pick up the cost. Do any of your know if that's true and any details?
    Maybe I'm naive but I hope that he will be okay in the end and I don't want to send him to a bad place just told hold him. I want to send him somewhere that is a good place and will help him learn skills vs. just a very expensive baby sitter.
    Everyone keeps telling me to really do my homework when looking for a place but what does that mean? They ALL look good on the outside!?
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    I don't really know much about boarding schools, but I didn't want to leave you hanging. I'm more familiar with residential treatment centers which sometimes the state will pay for.

    Have you asked social services if they can help you get your son into some program to help him and give you peace?
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    Yes we had a long meeting with CPS last night and they said if we were on Medi-Cal there are plenty of resources but she basically told us good luck since we have private insurance.
    Can you tell me more about your experience with Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s? Maybe that would be more what I'm looking for?
    I thought those also fell under the umbrella of boarding schools?

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    Jess, for what it's worth, I think it's sad that a child has to be on Medicaid to get help. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    My experiences with residential treatment centers were with younger kids who were fosters and frankly I saw a few kids restrained and put into seclusion and then heard the child screaming. I have no idea what the answer is when a child is violent and out of control...God help me, I wish I did. But that did not feel right to me. Made me very uneasy. Now this was just two state residential facilities and perhaps they did help the kids. I would look around and make a personal decision if you go that route.Visit first. Talk to people. Talk to parents who are visiting their kids (I did that).

    It is always so heartbreaking to know our kids need help and to feel that nobody else cares. Maybe a private psychiatrist can help you make a good decision. I'm so sorry for your pain and your hurting heart. I wish I knew more. I wish society cared more. I wish....
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    I agree, sadly I feel like either my son has to have a drug problem and/or be "poor" in order to get some help. SO if you're "rich" you can afford to get help, if you are "poor" you can get help, but if your middle class you're screwed!