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    I posted on this forum about a book for moms about anger. I finally found the title and author. This book was a lot of help to me. I used to yell a LOT, and didnt' want to. I wanted to be a calm, reasonable, kind but firm mom. And I wasn't.

    I was really pressed for time, and just not sure anything could help me. Things were at a crisis point with difficult child and I had almsot no time to do anything for myself. In spite of the stress and time crunch, I was able to do most of what was recommended in this book. It was esp helpful in showing me the physical signs I was headed for meltdown, so i could stop before meltdown and be a calmer mom.

    I hope it helps someone else.

    Here is the title and author: [ame=""]She's Gonna Blow!: Real Help for Moms Dealing with Anger [/ame]by Julie Ann Barnhill It is new $10.39 and used from $6.75 on amazon. And of course, if you go to by clicking the link on the left of the screen, you can help out the site too!
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    Thanks, Susie! :)