Book on Executive Functions



At the book store today - just browsing - I came across and purchased this book:

No Mind Left Behind
Understanding and Fostering Executive Controls - The Eight Essential Brain Skills Every Child Needs to Thrive
By Adam J. Cox, Ph.D.

I'm really looking forward to reading this as Dr. Cox has "devoted his career to the study of executive control skills".

He also has a website and if you click on the Resources link on the left there are tons of links.

Has anyone read this book? Any thoughts? I'll be sure to share mine, as to date I haven't been able to really find good books on this specific topic.
Thanks for the reference to that book! I think this is what we might be dealing with, with Tink. I will be sure to check it out!


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Thanks! I didn't know there were any books on this either and my son tested as having difficulty with this. Plus, teachers and I see problems in this area- please keep us posted on any insights and useful suggestions since it might be a while before I buy any new books!


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Thanks for the reference. Sounds like a neat book. I might check it out when I am done with the current one recommend by this sight (The Explosive Child). While reading this book and reading posts on this site, it has struck me that my kid was always like this. I had gotten a book when he was younger called "A Mind at a Time" about how kids are different and all learn differently. I forget who its by but I'm sure you guys can look it up. Anyway, I will have to go back to that book also maybe later. I think that the author has a wesite as well and a foundation too!