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    I don't know about anyone else but I have a serious thing for books.

    Our library had their annual fund raiser (they are trying to build a new building) this weekend. People donate books and the ones the library discards go up for sale for several days ending on Sunday with a buy them by the box for $2 dollars.

    I usually go the first day and pick a few for whatever they are charging and then on Sunday hit the pay dirt. I average five boxes a year. husband dutifully comes to do the heavy lifting for me (and usually others too). I have all my books in a database on my computer and as I am crawling over the 2000 mark I take it with me so I can not get duplicates.

    I take books like some people take in stray animals. I am passionate about them.

    So for me today is like Christmas. Several boxes of books to add to my collection and read over the next year. I have favorite authors that I am trying to get all of their books but for me I just love them all.

    Sorry for going on and on but I think right behind family I love books best in the world. (And to be honest some days I certainly like books better as they take me to other places.)

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    OH HAPPY DAY!!! We are like that with books too. They drip out of every surface and hideyhole in the house. And we love it!

    Our library book sale was last weekend. I didn't go to the box sale, I can't lift and no one was here to go with me.

    But we actually have a local used bookstore that has books for $2/hardback and $1 per paperback. young children's books are $0.50 - this includes all those superexpensive board books.

    They get an average of 4 recliner boxes a WEEK!! They do a big internet business for much more money, but the storefront is run by a former English teacher. She is amazing and awesome and will pull books my kids like and hold them for us.(and for me!)

    And the first full weekend of each month (allthe days are in the new month) ALL of their books are half price. The day after that they box em up and ship em out. They do some donations to the prisons and the shelters, but many go to other book dealers in other parts of the country. This guy has several stores, but we are his home store and his cheapest and best organized one!!

    So it is kinda like the library booksale monthly!!

  3. hearts and roses

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    Our library recently had their bi-annual book fair and I took my mom. We didn't get the deal you got but I was pleased to get nice hard covers for only $2 a piece and paperbacks for $1. I think I hauled out 9 books and my mom got about 12.

    I have a nice stack of books to read now through the fall. I am also a real reading fanatic!
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    I have the best intentions and buy losts of books but have not been too good at reading them lately, I had high hopes for the summer, but it did not happen
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    I feel the way you do about books. I love the library. I can't buy books on my budget, but when I come home from the library with a stack of books, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I love to read. Right now I can only read books that make me sad or depressing novels. The latest books I have read which are truly hilarious are the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella.

    Enjoy your books!
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    I'm with Penta~

    New books are ridiculously expensive and I just don't have the money either. I hit the library several times a week. Also, I do buy must haves from Amazon. You can get really great used books for one or two dollars. I have never gotten one in bad shape. I also hit the garage sales in the summer for used books ... usually pay $.25.

    Hubby and I are having a "TV fast" this week. Once or twice a year we do this ... No television in the evenings (not even the news) and we spend the hours reading and walking. It's a great experience. I recommend it.
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    I love to read, but find it hard to find the time to sit to do it. When I do, I fall asleep, because it's usually so late. I've resorted to books on tape/disc. I absolutely love them. I listen to them while doing laundry, crocheting a blanket, doing dishes, making dinner or when I'm driving. I think it's one of my favorite things. It makes mundane jobs around the house much more interesting when listening to a good book.