Borderline personality disorder?

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    Hi everyone,

    Long story short, my son was admitted into a psychiatric unit on Monday. This was a voluntary admission by his own initiative. He is almost 20. I generally post in the PE forum but thought there may be some experience with borderline personality disorder here. So the docs are thinking he might be Borderline (BPD)... I have read up a bit on it and it really does make sense especially as a lot of men with Borderline (BPD) tend to act out in more antisocial ways and are often diagnosed as antisocial. So I am hopeful there might actually be some good tx for him.

    So I am interested in anyone here with experience with this diagnosis and tx, especially in men.

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    my first husband was borderline and so are most of his siblings. i may be able to answer some questions if you have something more specific you are wondering about. i found it very difficult to maintain our relationship because of the black and white thinking involved, so there were days when he saw me as wonderful, could do no wrong, sweet, smart, ect. and then suddenly i would be at fault for everything that was wrong in the world. i was with him from the time i was 15 until 23, when he passed away as a result of his poor decision making and trying to fit in to the 'wrong croud' i even majored in psychology for two years in an attempt to work on helping him. it was very hard to watch him struggle with that. i found that when he set himself up a routine(which had to be his choice) he was much happier and more stable mentally so encouraging a routine of some sort may be helpful to you as well. he would not stay on medication, it did help for periods of time here and there though. his sister is also borderline and spend most of her time in her own little unhappy world where everyone is mean and wrong all the time and she is so hard done by. i just recently had to cut off contact with her after trying to keep in contact with her all these years as the only 'normal' person in her sons life.