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    difficult child had basketball practice last night. One of the boys, whom I suspect has some type of issue, had a hard night. It was so hard to see as I have been thru this with difficult child many times. He was late, and his mom kept telling him to not stress. He was in tears when they got there. He was in tears practicing on the court, but he kept trying. He is a rather clumsy boy with an odd gait. I felt like crying with him. difficult child had soccer with him for 2 years, and his mom told me one time that an older brother had ADHD but they did not choose to medicate them. Their choice. I felt so bad for that poor boy. I do not know if he is on the team because he wants to be or his parents want to be, this is not meant to be a judgement on the parents by any means. I just felt so bad. This boy was melting down in front of his classmates like difficult child melts down at home.

    difficult child, by the way, is doing great in basketball. He is NOT, I repeat NOT the team goof off!!! He just wants to go to games and not practices.
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    I am sorry the other boy was having such a hard time.

    My youngest starts basketball for the 2nd season tonight. It is the first practice!

    Glad your son is doing well!!