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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Apr 2, 2008.

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    Well, I had an old computer. It was slow but it worked. I ordered some memory for it. When I booted it up after putting in the new memory it came up with a SYSTEM MEMORY error. Wouldn't boot. so, I put in my old memory and worked as usual.

    I mentioned this to a co-worker. He said he fixes computers, bring it in. so I did. When I returned the next day I asked if he had a chance to look at it. He said, yes, your motherboard is fried.

    I was in shock. I told him it was working before I brought it in. I shut it down and disconnected it. He just smiled.

    So I am now without a computer. Desperately need one for difficult child and homework.

    I am overwhelmed currently with so MANY, MANY repairs and bills. I just cannot go buy another.

    does anyone have any ideas where they may sell cheap, old, used computers?
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    Gosh, I see adds all the time at Best Buy for a spanking new computer for $400 or less. It's almost insane. I spent over $2000 for my first computer, which is REALLY old. Unless you are using it for gaming, you don't need a really high-end one. You can get one with tons of hard drive, memory, etc., for pretty much dirt cheap. Don't let them talk you into the gaming end of it.

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    I just got my computer fixed by a great guy. They often sell old, fixed and upgraded pcs that their customers want to get rid of when they update. You should check with a local computer repair shop. My Dad just got one for about 200.
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    Check Craigslist! you can often get one for a song.
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    good will usually will sell the complete redone package here for $350. it's part of their put a person to work program.

    Sometimes you can get one at the Salvation army - just the tower.

    Sometimes you can try in your area

    Sometimes you can try in your area

    Sometimes you can find one sitting by the road near a dumpster. We found 2 for Dude that way - they were wiped clean, and I installed an old program.

    if you have a computer repair place - check with them.

    That advertisement on TV about Blue Hippo - not such a good computer for 2x the price of one in a store. Do not do.

    Also library has free use of computers -
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    Thanks everyone. I have tried several of those. Even $200 is more than we can spare at this time. I am hoping to find one that is junk. I just need a motherboard. I can install all the rest of my hardware/software.

    Working my hours (midnight to noon) there isn't a lot of options open to use a computer during my wake times. Unless I am at work, I will not have use of computer for a while.

    I'll check some more of those places.

  8. DammitJanet

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    Join freecycle and put on there what you want or need. Say you are looking for just a tower or the motherboard. I will also check with my son to see if he has an old motherboard taking up space anywhere.
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    Well, mine crapped out on me a week ago or so, and husband talked me into a new one with all the bells and whistles for way more $$$ than I had planned to spend -- he justified it because we got it for 12 mos. no interest at the electronics retailer we bought it from. Maybe you can find a place that will let you finance it?
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    Talked to my son and he said probably what happened is that your memory wasnt compatible with your computer. Motherboards really cant fry unless they get too much electricity through them which shouldnt have been the case in dealing with memory. can go buy a new motherboard with memory on it for less than a hundred bucks.