Calms Forte


Anyone ever try the Calm's Forte or Calm's Forte Night on their little difficult child's? We have been banging our heads, trying to come up with ways to get easy child 3/difficult child? to sleep through the night. Then I remembered when Aly was little we used Calm's Forte Night and it worked. Well, we tried it last night and she slept through the night for the first time since I don't know when!

It is an herbal remedy, found at Health Food stores. Our local one has it as does the chain GNC.

The Clonidine .05mg pediatrician gave us to try did nothing. Then she upped it to .1mg. NOTHING!!! Afraid to raise the dose higher as it can lower blood pressure too low and we still haven't gotten the results of her Echocardiogram.

Anyways, might have been a fluke, but it is a fluke I would LOVE to see happen again tonight!!!

Well, thought I'd update. 5 straight nights of Jayme sleeping through the night!!! She is going down for the night easier as well. Not sure if it is this remedy or what it is, but will take it! I really didn't have any idea how very sleep deprived I was!!



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I give Missy Calms Forte when she is manic and we have to go out somewhere. It doesn't stop it, but it slows it down a little. It calms her a little.

Glad you found something to calm Jayme down and get her to sleep at night. I gave Missy some Chammomile tea at night sometimes too. I still make it for her sometimes.