Can you hide a "tat"???

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, May 23, 2008.

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    I recommended a friend of easy child/difficult child's for a job at a small business owned by rather conservative people. The friend was hired :D but :sad-very: she has a naughty word tat on her ankle and is wearing a bandaid every day to hide it.

    Alot of you have those crazy there a cheap makeup
    that you can use to cover up words on a daily basis?

    She's a nice person and a fairly new single mother. I'm hoping she can hold on to the job. Any advice?? DDD
  2. Star*

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    I'm afraind on an ankle the ink would show through. My best advice would be for her to have it re-tatted and turned into a nice vine of flowers or an animal or something.

    The other option is laser removal, but the word would be faint and if she ever laid out in the sun you'd see the word as a lighter version of it's former self.

    If she got a tat - she should wear it with pride. If it isn't a tattoo that you can proudly display then I'd have it turned into something I could be proud of.

    No shame in that.

    Just make sure she goes to a reputable person, with a clean bill of health, and.......done coverup work - a lot of artists will tell you they can -to gain experience. A good artist would be proud of his/her work and would have before and after photos.

    Good luck = until then I'd keep doing the bandaid thing.
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    My daughter has one of a little sunburst on the back of her neck and did everything she could think of to try to cover it up on her wedding day so it wouldn't show through her veil - didn't work. You could still see it if you knew it was there but I doubt if anybody paid much attention.

    Having a dirty word tattoed on a visible part of your body is probably one of those things that "seemed like a good idea at the time". Short of wearing socks and long pants every day or makeup over it and nylons, there's not much she can do. I don't know what it would cost, but it will continue to be an embarassment to her and she may want to look in to having it removed. Or sometimes the tattoo people can mask it by tattooing something else over it to hide what it used to be. That may be the cheapest solution.
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    Ditto Star. The removal process, I've heard, is actually pretty painful, and a good tattoo artist can dull it with ink and then put something nice over it for a lot less money, anyway.

    Or pray for bobby socks to come back in fashion.
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    I've heard of makeup called Dermablend that's supposed to be able to cover tattoos. Haven't tried it, though. When I first went back to subbing, I wore long skirts or pants because this is a fairly conservative school district, but now I just let "Mary's Little Lamb" shine!
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    Two products I have found that work very well for coverage are:
    Amazing Cosmetics Consealer (someone here suggested it; many thank you's)
    Estee Lauder Max Coverage Camoflage Makeup

    I like these things better than Dermablend...although Dermablend is better than typical.
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    Jamies first girlfriend was stupid enough to tattoo his name on her calf. This is the same girl who cheated on him while he was in boot camp and then he dumped her at the alter. She was outraged that she had to walk around with his name on her leg. We told her it was a really bad idea to do it in the first place...sigh.

    She finally ended up getting this garish rose looking thing to hide the