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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Dec 26, 2010.

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    It snowed a few inches, at least, last night and is still snowing. On tv they are saying we will get around 5 inches more, exit ramps have a lot of ice and cars are going off the road everywhere. It is going to stay below freezing all morning and they are recommending people stay off the roads. It snowed where difficult child is, too, but probably not quite as much. It is supposed to be nice next weekend.

    I really wanted to see him this morning. It has been a couple of weeks and of course, it is Christmas weekend. But I'm thinking I should wait until next weekend and not risk it. It would take a LONG time getting there in these conditions, I tend to think. *Sigh*
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    Is it possible to have a nice, long phone visit with him? I'm sure he'll understand once he knows how bad the driving could be.
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    No one (except PO) is allowed to call in to talk to the kids. He can call out occassionally witth permission but he's only been able to do that when his behavior counselor is on duty (usually normal working/business hours) because the regular phone for the correctional unit hasn't registered my phone number correctly yet- I didn't explain that well but each parents' phone number has to be registered thru that phone line in order to prevent the kids from calling whomever they want and I guess it takes weeks for that process to go thru. He hasn't been able to get it to work yet but I'm really hoping he'll try and get it to work today.

    He tried to call earlier this week from the counselor's phone but I was driving and couldn't get to the cell quick enough to catch it. He'll understand because we talked about this possibility ahead of time- it's just disappointing not to even be able to have a Department of Juvenile Justice visit at Christmas.
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    I am sorry that the weather is making this difficult. It is hard not to be able to see him on this special weekend. If you cannot make it, I hope you can have a really nice visit next week. The reasoning behind the phone rules make sense, esp when you consider how many of the kids really do have difficult child parents, but it shouldn't be so hard to set up a phone number. I wonder if they put the wrong number in or if they skipped steps when they did it the first time and now the system is messed up for your number or his records.

    Hopefully next year he will be home and behaving appropriately and treating you wonderfully.
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    I'm glad I didn't try making the trip. I cleaned the car off and ran a couple of errands within 1 mile of my house, driving about 15-20 mph in a 40 speed limit and it took me about an hour. The snow is still coming down heavily and we already have about 8 inches. I don't even though if they might have canceled visitation today but I would have really been ticked off if I had driven through it just to find out it was cancelled. I wouldn't have been able to get there on time though, I don't think, because I would have had to drive so slow it would have taken me twice as long to get there and visitation hours there are only in the morning.

    I sure am glad I bought those logs for the fireplace!