Can't find a new counselor!!

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This is IMPOSSIBLE! I cannot find a counselor for difficult child~

Either they don't take my insurance or they are closing thier practice or going on vacation or aren't acceptiing new patients or don't take kids under 18 or something!

It has been so frustrating and I NEED to get her into someone because the wait time on the PHP is approximately 3 weeks and we simply cannot be walking on eggshells like this for another 3 weeks.

It totally s.u.c.k.s and I just want to scream.


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I so understand your frustration!

When I lost my insurance and had to attempt to find sliding scale services through county mental health it was next to impossible. They made things so darned difficult that I would have given up had I not wanted help so badly. I had to traipse all over the city going from one building to the other and then tell people what they wanted to hear.

It was idiotic. Then they make you wait 4, 5 or 6 weeks just to see one person who decides if....a big IF, you need to see a doctor or a therapist or what! Its stupid.

Good luck...


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I know the feeling. I started my phone calls this morning to get C into someone and all I got was voicemail. Grrrrrrr...and then the anxiety set in on what if the ONE person I can actually get him in to is not the RIGHT person...!?!?!


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I have called about 7 people so far and I just left a message for the PHP program. I am hoping that when they hear of the difficulty I am having finding an interim counselor, maybe they will squeeze her in or find a spot for her. Ugh - it just stinks because with each passing day I can see difficult child getting more and more confident, which is good, but...she will refuse to go if she thinks she's 'all better' and then the chances of getting her into program will be near impossible and then it will only be a matter of time before she falls again.


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I used to work for a mental health agency (ironic, eh?) and I'll tell ya what... they just are overwhelmed! So here is what you do.

1. Find local church organizations that have mental health services. They usually are at no-cost or are sliding scale. And you can force your insurance provider to pay if other 'approved' agencies cannot help.

2. Tell whomever you are talking to that it is an emergency. You fear for her safety, your safety, yadda yadda. They HAVE to help if it's a matter of safety. Most MH agencies have crisis response people for emergencies. (to you it's an emergency -- and it will surely become one if your difficult child doesn't get what she needs) They don't ADVERTISE they have crisis response peeps otherwise everyone would call with emergencies.

3. If still you get nowhere, contact the school. Of course it's summer, but the district's offices are usually still open OR there are REGIONAL EDUCATION SERVICE DISTRICTS. School districts have collaborative agreements with MH agencies and they are usually free of charge.

4. And if you STILL can't find anyone, contact the local Boys and Girls Club, Police Activity League, or the local United Way. These places all have connections or service contracts with some kind of MH agency.

I hope this helps in some way. You can find help, but it'll be learning their language when they have their routine response. Sorry. :frown:

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Thank you Isla, One of the places listed under the SAMHSA is the very next one on my list of places to call. I will definitely be more insistent and stress the emergency of our situation. Time is slipping by and I am so wary that daughter will crash again.

Thanks again.