Care To Cross A Couple Of Fingers??


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I won't say "why" as it may not happen but it is possible
that something positive "may" happen this week. No reason
to go nuts with dances, prayers, chants :blush: but a couple of
crossed fingers can't hurt. DDD


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Okay my fingers are crossed but it sure makes it hard to type like this! :grin:

Looking forward to finding out the "why".


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O.K. now we are all really curious???

I'm crossing my fingers anyway, but hopefully you can tell us soon why :smile:


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DDD, I only believe in prayer and not dances,
So...May God be with you thru this and bring the best possible outcome!


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I'll be able to share tomorrow early evening if the finger
crossing DDD

It is not 100% complete yet :smile: but :grin: easy child/difficult child agreed
to go to the community college and meet with the Director of
Disabilities (although I didn't mention his title to the kid
in AND he is going to take HIS FIRST COLLEGE
COURSE. :princess:

He's "going to try it" and I have the Disability Dude at the
ready if he needs supports. Is that cool or what??????

Yes, I realize he could get arrested again any day. Yes, I
know he might be able to hack the course. BUT :rofl: I am tickled pink that at least for a few hours each week he
is going to be around kids his age who are working toward a
real goal.

Thanks for the crossed fingers. Thanks to you, /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/8_6_31.gif
maybe something better will come this year. Another small
step for man. Hugs. DDD


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Don't expect World Peace, people. Just (I hope and pray)
another small step forward for easy child/difficult child. Now I'm feeling guilty for not sharing. LOL! I just don't want to jinx it!


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The update posted at the bottom of my 2nd post. Sometimes
I do NOT understand how this CD thing works since it went
modern on us! LOL. DDD