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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. susiestar

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    Well, there is a grey cat that wants to live on my porch. Uncut tom cat, beautiful gray color with white paws and the biggest "Puss In Boots" eyes I have ever seen.

    He is NOT coming in. I cannot stand the scent of cat pee and after our 15yo cat lost her way around the house, well, suffice to say the tom would end up spraying my entire home. I am not well enough to do all the cleaning.

    We have found out that some guys who lived a few houses down just moved out, think he left the cat.

    I will be taking him to a shelter (no-kill) in a day or so. Along with a donation, of course.

    Here is the question? HOW is the dang thing managing to make my living room smell like male cat pee?? I have a cat, but she is female and this is MALE? And if he has marked our door, what do I use to get it out of the wood siding and frame??

    Thanks ladies!

  2. flutterbee

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    The smell of spray from a Tom is really hard to get rid of. If it's in the wood, I would saturate it with vinegar...maybe put some in a spray bottle and just coat the entire area. You should be able to see it if he's marked; there will be streaks. If you have a welcome mat in front of your door and he's marked it, you'll probably have to get rid of it. It's impossible to get it out of rubber or rubber backing.

    Females can spray, by the way. It's uncommon, but I had one do it (she was spayed, too) because there were too many cats. If she's upset by the Tom on the porch it's possible she's spraying. It's not as hard to get rid of, though. The best method I've found is to buy carpet shampoo for pet odors and apply it using a garden sprayer so you can really saturate the carpet down to the padding. Use a steam vac to pull the water out. You'll have to find the area of the carpet that she's been getting, though, if that's the case. And, yes, we do look funny crawling around sniffing the carpet. :rofl:
  3. susiestar

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    She isn't spraying - her pee smells very very different. This is clearly coming in the door. I kept our cat totally away from that part of hte house, and hte smell was still there. I hate being a grinch and refusing to keep the guy, but we have had male cats before and if they learn to spray, it is just never really something you can make them quit.

    At least I can't.

    The vinegar is a good idea. I will probably use a sponge and "paint" it on.


  4. witzend

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    I would scrub with a brush and borax with detergent after he is gone. Borax will take the smell out of just about anything. We used to live in an apartment complex and there were plenty of Toms around. They used to spray my tires - took the finish clean off the hubcaps! - and my newspaper that sat on my porch. AACK! Be sure that he is not spraying on anything portable that you are bringing into the house.
  5. flutterbee

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    Keep in mind that spray is concentrated, so it always smells different than regular urine.

    It's also possible that he's spraying shrubbery outside your house, too. That will probably just have to wear off.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Could he be having his morining constitutional under your house under the livingroom floor and the smell is coming up?

    The pet stores sell something to keep cats from pping on your home and bushes.

    You dont' suppose if you took him in and had him neutered, made him an in and out cat that he could stay? (PUSS N Boot eyes) ROFLMBO.